Alien Worlds / WAX and CPU Usage

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Wow, the WAX world sure is complicated when it comes to transactions.

There are numerous articles on how RAM, CPU, and NET work on the WAX network. But I am still confuddled about how it is calculated, and why it is so random.

My Problem

On Alien Worlds I went "mining".

I then tried to "claim" TLM. However it said that CPU usage was exceeded.

What? I had been on wax.bloks just 5 minutes ago and checked my status - I had enough CPU spare to be able to do this. I had only used about 11.5ms out of 24ms - well below 50%. And yesterday this figure was around the 35 to 40ms region.

So I went and checked again. Yes, my CPU usage had increased and was around 13.5ms, but the usable CPU amount had dropped to 13.29%. Of course this is "over" the allocated percentage.

But how can you justify dropping what is available from 24ms to 13ms in around 5 minutes?

The screenshot below is from the refresh just after I was told that I had maxed out my CPU usage. I was then able to go and claim my TLM.

Confidence in WAX?

My problem is that I now don't trust the WAX network to perform calculations when I need them.

I tried to obtain an NFT yesterday on AtomicHub, but I was told that I didn't have enough CPU usage at the time. I had patiently waited until the midday drop time approached. I had even deliberately stayed away from any WAX transactions just in case it increased my CPU usage in the morning. But, you guessed it, I couldn't claim it as my CPU was over the limit. By the time my CPU had dropped under 100% they were all gone. NOT IMPRESSED !

My worry is that this might happen on the trading platform (e.g. Alcor). What if I can't sell or buy WAX, TLM, etc when I need it? What if I had purchased some, seen that the price had increased, and wanted to sell back? Would I be able to?

From experience, I have sometimes been told that I couldn't place a "limit" order on Alcor due to CPU - so the answer is "Yes, it might stop a trading transaction".


I don't mind about it happening in Alien Worlds, but when it stops a financial trade from happening that worries me. As such, although I enjoy the WAX network, I am not going to be heavily investing in it as it doesn't provide me with enough confidence that it will carry out my transactions when I need it to.

Note : All of my articles are my own and relate to my own personal experience. Investing is always at your own risk.

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Wax was reliable but alien worlds has taken off so much that 100k people per day were logging in and doing lots of transactions. As a result I think the cpu cost has gone up, that's why. You just need to stake more wax to avoid this issue

I think my problem is that although I am trying to stake wax, so are the other 100k people. If we all stake 100 wax, then we are all equal. lol. And i think there are a lot bigger fish than me who are staking and using CPU time.

I hadn't realised that there were so many people logging on per day though - great to know, and thank you! :-)

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