Where is Leo heading ?

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My investments in Leo is down by more than 60%


When LeoFinance started, it was early opportunity and for some reason, I was not part of getting a decent amount of Leo. Those were early days and many have benefited being rich out of it. I always wished that I should have invested in Leo, and looking for opportunities. So when the Leo price dropped below 1 hive, I thought, this could be the bottom and bought a decent amount. I started keeping track of the amount of Leo bought in each price to be able to see the value of my investment in future. But the bottom actually was a upside down. If you see the table, then I started buying at around 0.82. After buying more than 12k, the price even declined further. I literally gave up keeping record and then bought another 4k or so taking my total Leo to more than 16k. But since then, I see its further dipping to a price, which has made me more than 60 % down. Call it frustration or what , at sometimes it makes me angry. Sometimes, I feel, I should go and buy all the Leo at the bottom with all my hive I have. But I know, I alone cannot change the price move.

Can someone tell me what is making the price of Leo decline so much ?

When Cubdefi started, I tried, and felt the process to be a bit complex and gave up. Then again when we heard about the success story, I could not resist. With much hand holding from @gungunkrishu I bought 100$ of CUB at a price of around 3$. That time the hype was so much that, I even transferred 5k$ to binance to buy more CUB. Thank GOD, I did not buy for some reason ( because of my firewall blocking 😀, call it LUCK). And today CUB is down to half a dollar. Recently I hear a lot about lot of development around Cubdefi and its benefits.

But hey, why all this cannot help the Leo price ? My understanding was that the Leofinance team always wanted to provide more opportunities in defi and the benefit of all that would help the Leo platform more attractive. So much so that, Leofinance would be a leading platform in finance content in the world one day. But I don't feel that is happening, do you ?

I would love to hear back your opinion about why Leo is declining. I am not very keen to go into the details of all the technicality, but as a lay man, what made Leo fail ? Or it's in the process of rebirth ?

And if someone kind enough to give me how to fetch details about the price of all my leo purchase , it will make me learn something. Probably @dalz ?

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Leo and SportsTalk are the only "Hive sub coins" that I stake on Hive Engine, I felt like these two really have the potential to grow and be popular in future. But I didn´t buy them actually, just stake what I get for my posts. There was a lot of hype around Leo, I believe the current drop is just temporary.

I even felt, Leo is going to be very popular, let's see where we are headed. I am curious, why no response from the Leo team.

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Just a test of Patience..
I feel Leo team is ignoring it's own flagship token and "base" in all development idea.
Whatever you have just hold and this price accumulation will also not hurt.

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I sonetimes feel that in the developers are lacking the spirit behind the community in order to create more development. They are going on adding new things which are diverting them away from their core of leofinance. The changing technology is the name of new game but when its community you should think if community can adopt so many changes. Secondly, there is also the need to create more demand for the token in order to make it attractive for valuations. I believe that its losing on most of the fronts

Exactly - I also feel the same - they are trying to do new stuffs but the value of core token is getting hurt in that. That indicates, what they are doing is not transforming into values and probably they should revisit their strategy.

I think all the coins come through this cycle, where you get ups and downs. In case of LEO think it as a building phase, who knows when LEO will be there in big exchange its price might go upto 5$.

There are projects yet to see the day of light and probably the growth didn't continue exponentially. But I think there are better things to come to the space that will propel it once again to a new high. I am thinking here of LeoFi which will soon expand its leasing to other second-layer tokens and will determine LEO burns. The mobile app is also in the making and it will be a pilot and infrastructure for Project Blank.


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I can understand your situation but you have to keep in mind that Leo is a good project and also have a good team and strong community. It's matter of time when rocket take off. Be patient and focus on accumulation.

There is much development in the pipeline, both for LEO and for CUB. But I feel your frustrastion, there was a lot of hype and now it is kind of the opposite. Good thing is that HIVE and LEO users are used to be patient and that stuff takes a while.

I have still a lot of trust for LEO and CUB.

Patience is one thing, trust is another thing. Is it like people lost trust on the team ?

I don't think that there is a major loss of trust going around. But I also think that LeoFinance has to improve communication and be more cautious about what projects they align with (like the desastrous CakePop thing, which might have been successful from the CubFinance side but was pretty much a loss for everyone who bought in).

Trust is a fragile thing and has to be earned over and over again.

I could not resist. With much hand holding from @gungunkrishu I bought 100$ of CUB at a price of around 3$.

I bought cub at 11$, I bought some sizeable amount and also staked the airdrop I got, but then it dipped and now it's at 0.5$ but then I know it's not the end.
As per Leo, I feel Leo will do well eventually, the Leo team is currently caught up with a lot and I guess this is why. I believe a lot in Leo by the way.

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11$ 😕

LEO and CUB will find their way with the evolution of the platform in the world of DeFi, it will take time for adoption.

I also bought CUB for $ 3 but I'm not at all worried about gold today. mine is not a leap of faith but I simply observe the great work behind the scenes and I am sure that sooner or later we will have big bullish movements (for example I await the next IDOs on Cubfinance)

So you think, IDOs on Cub would bring back value to Leo ? That is what I am not clear. Is the Leo team more engaged on CUB and kind of abandoned Leo ? I feel, there is not a clear long term message on how Leo would shape up based on all other development and that could be the cause of loss of trust ?

The recent threads and discussions about the leo are seen to be more towards the CUB, IDO and developments related to CUBDefi etc. Once the most appreciated project also faced the competition from #pob and to some extent from #stem. These projects matured and became focused whereas the leo finance project went on becoming neglected. Today, the situation is such that one may feel whether leo project is as good as abandoned.

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one may feel whether leo project is as good as abandoned

That could be a reason. Wonder, why the Leo team not realize ?

Boss! I have bit my tongue on Twitter!! I looked at how Splinterlands token assets didnt dip or bottom out during Bitcoin crypto crashes. Than hive goes up to 3$ and theres no Leo rally? I have kept quiet just not to get frustrated! I am still stacking Leo, I am buying the dip all year not on Leo tokens but Leo Miners. I only have a fraction invested but Im holding 600 miners and still stacking, IMO the Leo whales spread their money too thin and now we have to wait for a new generation of wealth to pump Leo back up. The most successful community on Crypto Finance on Hive has yet to address this and their token isn't looking hot. I believe a pump is coming as soon as they quit jacking around with new cross chain token releases that suck money out of the chain by pushing Leo investors to spread their investments too thin. But I do beleive there will be a recovery just can't imagine what will set this off.

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How about CUB ? I bought around 16K Leo and its down by 70% from when I bought - hope, the pump comes soon giving me some relief.

Thank you for always providing great information
It will be recovered very soon. Trust Allah, the market will be up soon

Sorry about the investment dropping, all coins go through this though.

I agree on leo token price has been low and I don't see lots of people promoting leo right now

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I do not understand the technicalities but I guess it's a testing phase for Leo and patiently we need to hold on to it, just like Hive it went down below 15 cents and now it's bounced back to 80 cents.

Hopefully, let's see.

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You're right, LEO is the moon