Niche technology to eat well without cooking

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Your Daily meal from Internet of Things


Yes, you heard it right - we are heading to a time, where finding time to cook will be very hard. And this start up has come up with a perfect solution using technology from Internet of Things - “Scan-to-Cook” technology. QR codes have now become an integral part of the payment echo system in the Covid-19 challenge. All the payment apps made it extremely popular, but this company goes a little ahead in terms of using it. So they pack meal kits with QR Codes, and they have prepared an oven that can read the QR code and prepare the meal. And even the information is uploaded to cloud. Sounds simple ?


It's not that simple because it needs all the pieces - the package, the hardware, the software work in harmony and tested in a test kitchen before being delivered - after all you cannot deliver a product with flaw.

So with all these complexities, they still have to deliver in an affordable price. Because that is what is the most complicated part to decide the success of the product. One will not buy an expensive meal because its backed by a niche technology, right ? But then what about getting bored with the same food ? Well, you have to tolerate, if its your wife 😁, but if it's a machine, then probably you will throw it 😁. But they do take care of that as well !!


They got a $50 million funding recently and are going to use it to increase the value proposition for consumers. And they have got to a niche area - the future is going towards that - Disrupting technology that can benefit the masses have massive potential to grow big. I would have definitely tried it , had it been available in India. After all, you can return it within 100 days.


I would love to see your feedback.

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sure technology is there..but eating fresh feels something different.. we cannot have packaged food daily.. at least not my cup of tea. cheers

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we are in full technological disruption we will see great things, and the best generation x is hungry for all these new creations.

The moment when these devices can be made in large quantities, it will be accessible to all, and it will soon pass because people dream of technology and make use of it.

These devices will surely have to be supplied with the necessary elements to be able to produce that plate of food that we scan with our qr code.

investment in agtech (technology applied to agriculture) has increased 370% in the last six years. Startups in this sector are developing new disruptive solutions to redesign a much more resistant food supply system for the future, including robotics, blockchain or automation technology.

It seems incredible but much of what we saw in futuristic movies is yet to be reality.

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It feels awesome...
What the question is how it will taste?
In India taste of dishes changes location to location....
Thanka for sharing..

Not available in India yet - but I think, we would still prefer our traditional cooking. This is for them who are extremely busy.

And if the Indian taste is not added still Indian's comeup with design Gujad and make it happen... lol
Jokes apart .... as you say it is for very busy persons who don't have time to cook...

But then all this talk of easy cooking, will the possibilities of easy cooking such as this come with a top notch health condition? Good food should be healthy, will this really be healthy?

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Definitely more than clarifies, Thank you

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Namaste🙏 @sanjeevm, Nice post thanks

we are starting to see what we saw in those futuristic movies!

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