NFTs on HIVE are crazy

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Punks vs Folks

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I am invested in two NFT projects on HIVE, without even knowing a lot about NFTs. I still remember, when I heard about this word NFT - SOMEONE told me its Non Fatal Token 😀 - that means it never dies. Sounds crazy ? It did sound crazy to me and I further explored about NFTs. And based on what I understand now, is that, literally any digital piece can be a NFT. While NFTs are going crazy, it is definitely good to see some developments on NFTs here. I invested in two NFT projects, without even knowing much about them - who knows, they can go crazy.

My first investment on NFTs was @punksonhive built by our very famous @themarkymark. I came to know about it from @gungunkrishu who has always helped me with my investments on Leo / Cub. It was pretty simple to buy them - Just transfer the hive with a memo and you would get them. I was not knowing, that there was a limit of 10 punks in one order, but @gungunkrishu guided me that as well. So without knowing anything about the punks, I just transferred the amount with memo and I could see them only after few days.

My second investment on NFTs was @hivefolks released on dlux by @disregardfiat. This was my first experience of dlux platform and the process felt a bit complex. I had to log in using an active key in keychain which I was a bit hesitant but finally did to get 3 NFTs. I had to unwrap each NFT which I think, could have been made smooth by providing an option to unwrap all. Also it should allow to see the NFTs with only posting key used with Keychain.





I think, there was a lot of process happening in the background - all I could make out is that, it was broadcasting some transactions waiting for some confirmations. I was expecting that hivefolks will also run out of stock like hivepunks, but seems, that has not been the case. Some say, price is one of the factors but this is where the craziness comes into picture. You never know, which NFT is going to behave crazy selling beyond imagination. I was glad to be told by @lordbutterfly that I got @trumpman, @r0nd0n and @khaleelkazi - some very familiar whales. Given that I have considerable investments in Leo, I hope @trumpman and @khaleelkazi will make me rich some day - either through these NFTs or Leo (where I have plan to reach 25k Leo).


Coming to the NFT technology, I think, very few understands it and majority are like me. Recently even I came across a post in twitter, where someone impersonated a great artist BijayBiswaal and cropped his original art and listed in millions of rupees. The artist himself came to know, only after few of his fans posted about it on Instagram. You can see the tweet here :

I would expect the technology evolves to prevent such incidences. Even though, we all talk about digital advantages and anonymity, at the end, these platforms should all ensure that the owner is genuine. Does anyone know, if the original owner can prevent such incidence by any means today ? I mean, had he not come through his Instagram contacts, the person would have sold and earned millions ( as far as I remember it was listed for more than 4k ETH). Our own @prabalmallick has started minting his arts as NFTs on WazirX. What if someone else copies them and lists them somewhere else ?

I know we have also @nftshowroom on HIVE and I see tweets about people doing NFTs there and selling it. It's always great to see apps being built on HIVE providing more opportunity, but is there some simple way to tell an artist to mint his arts as NFTs with a guarantee that, it will never be impersonated and safe ? Also, when it comes to monetary part, I tried to told few people about using these platforms built on HIVE but then the moment I tell them crypto, they are like umm...they feel crypt is risky and complex.

All these are my personal opinions and I am sure, over time, the technology will improve to be usable by everyone. For the time being, I am happy about my investments - the punk stories are getting crazy and I think, I have a lot of punks providing opportunities to write about them. And based on recent updates from Marky, the auction platform will make them more competitive.

What are your stance on NFTs and NFTs on HIVE ? I would love to hear about other's perception. HIVE/LEO are my only crypto investments - yes I am full on HIVE/LEO - I hope they will make me financially independent in early 2022.

And anyone knows about this error that I was getting while uploading images for this post on Leofinance ? Is there a limitation of image size ?


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Just trying to learn more about this whole NFT thing, I even published a post about it on my blog a few days ago, asking more experienced members of the community for advise. I would like to give it a shot as a creator, not as a collector (I think we all will get some NFT in the Ragnarok aidrop anyway, cannot wait for that). It really feels like NFT will be a big deal in future and I don´t want to miss out on it :D

I think, if you really have that creativity, then go and give it a shot on every platform - that is what I have been telling my son as well. I have seen a stupid art selling for millions - people would buy anything just because they have money - so you never know, when you are that person - just list few in crazy prices 😀

Yeah, that´s exactly what I have been thinking too. The numbers in this post just blew my mind. Crazy. Has your son already sold any NFT?

Not yet...I bought him a graphic tab.

Don't dump me sir ! 😂

No way - you are a jewel.😀


Imgur uploads have a 1mb limit for images. You need to reduce the image size or you need to upload the images to Hive. I guess there is no limit in Hive or I have never reached that limit.

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So I can upload the image in Peakd and just put the link in my leofinance post ?

Yes, you can. That's what I do for big images too.

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I got a POBpunk. I don't know if it'll be as useful as the Hive Punks but I'm hopeful. Im pretty jealous I can't get any of these Hive folks for now. They're just too expensive for me right now.

My only exposure to NFTs right now is here on Hive, thanks to Splinterlands and these NFTs available. It's a far cry from where Hive used to be. The nftshowroom just expands the many possibilities of what we can do here on Hive.

Im pretty jealous I can't get any of these Hive folks for now

Ya, some consider it expensive at 80+ hive, especially based on HIVE price may be.

I believe nft will succeed and they have changed so many peoples lives this year and still growing, NFT is here to stay

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NFT is never dying because it will be widely used in the world of virtuality and metaverse. in the future only your identity will be recognised on the base of your collection. so keep collecting NFT as much you can.

I believe collecting NFT arts and punks definitely hold potential to make you wealthy .🙂

Punks definitely make us happy.

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