Last Larynx Token Claim

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This is the final edition of Larynx Token claim

Finally the Larynx token claim is about to end this month, just one day left. If you have not paid attention to the latest updates from Speak Network then as per the latest update, they are building 2nd layer of #Hive to enable communities to have the power, manage information and create their own economy. And Ecency is the best place to manage your Larynx tokens, on which apparently @spknetwork is relying on. Here is the latest tweet from SPKweb3

So with this claim, my total token balance becomes 91331.020.

Now in order to delegate we need to power up first and then delegate to the node operators of our choice to get passive income, unless you have plans to keep it in liquid, its best to delegate and earn a little.

In order to power up you need the active key, and you can sign in using Hive Keychain or Hivesigner - Ecency does present the right options and work flawless.

I used Hivesigner and after the transaction is successful, I am ready to delegate.

You can choose your preference of node operators, and right now I even don't know what is the basis to choose them, but I believe in the best interest of the chain, its best to delegate to multiple operators. And here is whom I choose :

@balaz and @v4vapp run by @brianoflondon being my favorites here, but you can choose anyone you wish. OCD is also participating and Good-karma is an obvious choice as well. I think, we will slowly see some updates on the node operators and who is doing what, who is best , why they are best etc, but until then, let them compete. There should also be some way to see how much rewards each of the node operators provide and profitability matrix, if anyone has idea, then please share.

So with this, I am done with the Larynx Token Claim and it will be interesting to see how things unfold, apparently 2023 is going to be some exciting time for the SPK Network and all of us.

This would be my last post on Larynx Token Claim as we are done with the Claim process going on since last one year. I missed once, but if you have not claimed yours go and claim the last one at least. I am sure, their market price is going to be much more than now in few months.

And waiting for something exciting that is about to come soon ? Yes, we should some good updates from Ragnarok pretty soon and I am sure, it will be a game changer. 3.3 Million NFTs are going to be airdropped to hive users, and we all will own it. So which one you would like to get ? Gods ? Titans ? Humans ?



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@sanjeevm Glad you shared that ! Sanjeev. Really a detailed one! !!!
I admit that I couldn't gather much info on Larynx probably for several reasons. Is there any possibility to grasp complete information about some post...somewhere !? Do lemme know !

Best Regards,

@spknetwork should have all the details, so check for updates.

I'm late with this. My husband just reminded me to claim but I always forget. I got only a few.

I haven't claimed any larynx token. First time I tried it was error, so I didn't try again !

Thanks for the info. I think I missed twice but it was still a good airdrop. I´m really curious to see how the Ragnarok game will pan out, the hype is starting to build :)

I think, the way Ragnarok was giving updates has slowed down, but I hope, they are coming back with a bang.

I haven't claim the token though

Good to see Larynx token claim and update on this. And thank you for the beautiful presentation with the tweets.

Thanks for reminding me. Does it mean in Mar 1st 2023 there won't be any token to claim anymore? I though it will continue till Mar.

Does it mean in Mar 1st 2023 there won't be any token to claim anymore?

Yes, this is the last installment of the claim.

Thanks for the reminder. I will claim mine too once I get to my laptop.

Cool. I'll set that up in two days for March airdrop. Happy collecting sir.

There is no claim in March, this one is the last.

Oh, I haven't seen "last edition". Too bad I am late to start claiming.

Thanks for the reminder, I nearly miss this also

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The last one, should not miss.

Thanks for the reminder!

When I took a break from content curation, I also slipped from claiming them a few times.

Gonna get on that now! Great tutorial.

two questions about those tokens if you delegate them, what do you earn for that and if you can exchange it for any other token of the second layer or for Hive or HBD

You earn Larynx but I am not very sure about what amount of rewards we would get. I think, slowly competition will be more and we will see some updates.

😊😉👍 oh.. last one.

yea, looking forward to what Ragnarok brings..

Yes friend, I imagine that better things will come for all of us with these tokens from the second layer of Hive, the whole team is working to develop the family much more

Ohh... thanks for the reminder.

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I admit, I still don't understand Larynx. I think I need to do more research about it.

I'm able to claim now sir. I'm so happy.

It seems that February was not the last month of the Larynx airdrop. I just logged in to and there was another part of the airdrop waiting for me to claim :)

Edit: So it looks like they just somehow left the claim icon there, I tried to click on it many times but it never showed up in my balance. So this was probably just a bug and the airdrop is in fact over indeed...

Thanks for letting us know about this amazing airdrop, I'll check if I'm illegible for some tokens or not ? It's good to see you have delegated these tokens to support the community, you are doing good work @sanjeevm