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My little marketing for HIVE / LEO - It was very exciting to see THEY contributing to my appraisal.

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I have been doing a little marketing for HIVE and LEO myself, by dropping my post links on our workplace so that more and more people discover us. I never knew that this will be recognized as one of my strengths as part of my appraisal and it was a pleasant surprise to see this. At least 300 people read my blog, really !! It's actually more. I am not sure, if we see that count here or not, but at least I can say, the impressions on workplace shows them as much more. Look at this link that I shared - almost 1000 people viewed this. Couple of guys even pinged me over chat to know about leofinance, and I answered to their queries.


Sometimes back I tried to push HIVE to be supported as part of one of our product that allows payments in crypto. They integrate with Rocketfuel and I tried to push our product team to convey the message to Rocketfuel , to support HIVE. If one can spend the HIVE directly without any other complication of transferring it to an exchange and converting to some other crypto, I am sure, it will be a niche feature of our blockchain. And now a very interesting fact about this post :


In this post, I wrote about our patented new solution for fraud prevention that got us the Best Application of AI in a Large Enterprise at the Irish AI Awards. And someone from our own company got to know about our application because of this post :) and they asked me who to go to know more about our product. Knowing that they are high level influencers, I utilized the opportunity to tell more about Leo. Who knows, some of them may eventually join here and also invest as well promote. I don't want to push anyone to join, the crowd should come at their own interest. But I am doing what I can do - heard about that little squirrel story from The Ramayana ? If not, then read it here - No work is big or small. Continue doing what you like with no expectation and I am doing that.




Imagine some people reaching out to me asking what is Reel and how to make that - damn, I was not knowing that as well few days back. It's my wife who told me about Reel on Instagram and I find it interesting now. And when someone says WOW to your post and inquires more about it, then you know that feelings!! We all have a social and financial side - HIVE and LEO are perfect fit to express our emotions, thoughts, knowledge in the form of writing. I hope my little marketing will help some people discover this platform. Sometimes I even promote some other trending post, e.g. this post from @spknetwork - literally one can earn a lot if he has the right skill.


It brings immense happiness to know that my little marketing is inspiring some people - someone was asking about my exercise schedule today, and how I am managing my time so well. And my answer was - really ? I don't think, I have still not been able to manage it pretty well, but I am trying....



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Time management is a skill we develop over decades in tiny intervals.

Great to see you marketing and selling hive as that is what we all do in our own way. Then there are thousands of aps and everyone gets involved with blogging and the community, perhaps then it will be viable to take payment in Hive. Til then, let's just stack and invite everyone we can.

Everyone is welcome and everyone can benefit so lets continue to push it!

One other positive aspect of using hive as payment would be not paying tax - I think, as long as it does not come into our account, we do not have any tax liability.

There is that but tax evasion is a grey area and different in many countries around the world. We still have to be honest and accurately report our earnings or move to a country that doesn't tax these things.

Still, the directness, transparency, speed and control over transaction fees should make it appealing. Plus, when companies start stacking, they will want vendors who accept crypto and I wanna be on that initial shortlist!

We still have to be honest and accurately report our earnings or move to a country that doesn't tax these things.

Well, I am in favor of being honest, but if you spend the money directly without taking to your account, I am not sure, if it would be counted as our earnings. For example, today, someone gives you an Amazon gift card, and you spend that, it's not considered as earnings, right ? I am thinking that way. There is no reasonable taxing in my country - the govt imposed a flat 30% tax without thinking about small investors. So people will always take the benefit of not reporting them as long as the law does not have clauses to outline it specifically.

In Canada, you have to claim the gifts you receive. Not sure everyone does and many fail to even report on the airmiles or other reward programs when claiming rewards.

We also have sales tax where the transactions definitely should include some sort of tax, even when crypto is the currency.

Either way, we are bound by law to accurately report our income and pay taxes on domestic transactions. I suspect the hammer will fall on people when the government gets around to being able to police it but they will have to approve it as legal tender then too.

Now, it is the wild west.

Not sure everyone does and many fail to even report on the airmiles or other reward programs when claiming rewards.

I think, people just do not want to pay tax on everything, unless forced.

Impressive Hive promotion efforts! Thanks for everything you have been doing to spread the word about our little sweet corner of the crypto universe :) It´s important that we all do what we can to tell the world about Hive. You have been doing an excellent job my friend. Keep it up :)

At the same time, it also feels great when you hear nice compliments from others. Some posts even inspire them, e.g. someone was telling me yesterday that they have started their walking again after seeing my post.

Yeah, I believe :) That´s another major benefit. Seems like "win - win - win - win" kind of situation :D

This is amazing. You have contribute some much to HiVE and LEO. And putting links so more people can noticed HIVE. I applause you !

Everyone can do it. In fact, we all need to do it even if it is just posting a link on Twitter or Facebook.

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We all should do it, I always try to put hive links , at my workplace, in my google review, instagram almost everywhere.

Nice work Sanjeev, every little bit helps :)

I know from my experience that onboarding new people when they ask questions about blogging on Hive/Leo is always hard.

The easiest answer I've been able to give is that you can sign up using your Twitter account on and then earn crypto.

How did you go?

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Well, I told them to use the options Create a Hive Account - It credits 10 hp to start instantly. I think, it's the best sign up option, what do you say ?

If you're having success in converting people that way, then keep doing it! :)

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It takes all of us to make this flourish. Thanks for the efforts you are putting in to bring some attention to Leofinance and Hive. It is vital that we get things moving forward.

All of us have a role to play. I look forward to more of your posts.

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Yes, each of us owns this place, collectively all these little effort matters a lot.

Great job. The more exposure the better. I have long time said marketing is vital for Hive and been sharing posts on Twitter since posh didn't even exist and I'm more than happy seeing people like you promoting Hive and LeoFinance. I also love your idea of making HIVE a payment crypto and I would for sure use that.

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I also believe marketing is vital for HIVE and we also have funds, we just need the right people to make it happen, may be we are lacking on that part - the right marketing resource who can drive it.

Maybe some of the whales don't want too much exposure for Hive.

They want, but they do not want to run it. So someone trustworthy who can get the job done well, is missing here.

Lordbutterfly tried something...

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Lots of people see posts about Hive and Leo, but unfortunately they don't want to dig deeper into these platforms, they want quick success in the simplest way.
I hope really spend Hive directly without transferring, it's a big challenge about Blockchain in future

There are challenges right now and they are being worked upon. We cannot let those things stop us. Yes people are aware of the onboarding issues and lots of smart individuals are working on it.

The goal is to keep growing things so they have to dig deeper. Make it so they cannot ignore us.

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I liked this idea of applying artificial intelligence. It is an excellent gesture. It's nice to advertise by posting Hive and Leo links. We hope that it will benefit as many people as possible.

HIVE and LEO are perfect fit to express our emotions, thoughts, knowledge in the form of writing.

The impact Hive and Leo have contributed is really amazing and tremendous which I appreciate a lot because the impact is beneficial to change live positively and am really impressed about it.

I think, still there is a long way to go - we should be one of the top 10 crypto project.

Your right about that

Hello dear friend @sanjeevm good day
You're doing a great job; Congratulations
We all need to get involved in making our Hive ecosystem known
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid week

Interesting stuff and thanks for the effort you are putting in to share Hive and Leofinance to the world, I can imagine the feel of people wanting to know more from you about Hive, every person we manage to give Hive/Crypto exposure to counts towards adoption.

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So nice of you, really appreciate your efforts for spreading the word hive out there. I think community is always an important factor in any project to become it successful.

Really good contribution from your side for hive and leo finance. If a person do hard work one day he definitely gets his reward.

An excellent way to promote Hive platform. More people will know about the Hive ecosystem more will join and ecosystem will be strengthen.

That is really great. It reminds me of what they call "attraction marketing" when you get people interested not by directly "selling," but by simply sharing your genuine passion and enthusiasm, people become curious and request more information.


That's a nice catch and I feel, attraction marketing is more impactful than direct marketing. People look at others and get jealous :)

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That is so true!

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