Do views matter ?

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Rewarding posts based on views ?


As part of my little hive / leo marketing, I do share my posts on my official workplace ( Workplace is marketed and sold by Facebook (now called Meta) in the spirit of bringing the power of community to everyone at work in the name of so called next chapter of social connection), and I was notified by Meta because this is trending in our workplace. It definitely brings joy to see my little effort gaining some attraction to HIVE / LEO and at the same time contributing to my appraisal as I wrote in this post. Now the interesting discovery about the workplace analytics is to be able to see which locations contributed most to the trending view and workplace has got several filters, out of which, location is one and here is the result :


Does it look promising ? Apart from providing a detailed count by location (and other filters), it does provide a download feature to see the engagements in a spreadsheet. Total 829 people from 88 locations have viewed this post so far, making it trending currently. If you think, this is a small number, then fyi, THIS represents nearly 20% people of our company, we being a product company having little less than 4.5k people distributed across the world. So people are noticing and believe me, Peakd is now a very familiar words in my office - whenever I meet and talk to people in meetings, they complement me saying they enjoy my blogs on Peakd. Now let's look at our very in house analytics from Peakd - here is the analytics of last seven posts :


So all of these points to the fact that, these posts have been getting good views from external sources (outside of hive). Now the real question is do these views matter ? Look at the post rewards vs views - it's very clear that they do not matter to anyone here ? Can it be bettered ? Is view considered as an engagement ?

At least that is what Meta is doing, as I can see and now it has targeted professional communities inside work places.



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I am so glad, where I live I do not know anyone from hive but I talk to everyone because my interest is that they fall in love as much as me of this social platform although I plan to move to another area there if there is much more interest and when I go all take the opportunity to see classes with me to improve in the stories, while they came to write me. I hope to set a trend by getting to know many friends and share with them many common interests.

Me alegra tanto, yo en dónde vivo no conozco a nadie de hive pero le hablo a todos porque mi interés es que se enamoren tanto como yo de esta plataforma social aunque tengo planeado mudarme a otra zona allí si hay mucho más intereses y cuando voy todas aprovechan ver clases conmigo presenciales para mejorar en las historias, mientras llegó me escriben. Espero marcar tendencia dando a conocer hice a muchos amigos y compartir con ellos muchos intereses comunes

You have been doing a really great job promoting Hive in this unique way and I´m happy for you that your blog is so popular among your colleagues :) Btw Omaha in the first place looks interesting, you know who is from Omaha, right? ;)

@tipu curate

Yes, it shows who all are viewing the post, seems Workplace has better analytics.

I know. My point was that Omaha is famous for being the hometown of Warren Buffett :) He is even known as the "Oracle of Omaha". Would be really cool if he was one of the people reading your Hive blog :D

Certainly not :) May be some of his relatives are seeing...Optimistic...

View does matter in this platform I guess, but seeing the above case it's confusing 🤔.

May be it's a matter of time.

I think, we still do not consider view as an engagement here, which is wrong. Comments are considered as a form of engagement but most of the comments are barely meaningful.

Yes, the semantic load increases the value of the post, and the flood, I think, reduces it)

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There are many things that are confusing, I stopped paying attention to it.

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It is really awesome seeing this get attention from people outside hive as well which is really amazing seeing such progress

Hmmmmm....good question. I think for most yes

This is amazing getting this much attention from different location. It's worth putting in some effort to get this much views !

Any work should be rewarded, and successful work, doubly, lol.

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I like people ratings or classification, whether in the field of work or friendships like LinkedIn and now Meta is experimenting with the possibility of remote communication and having it in your place. It's great to bring in visitors from different sources.

Views do matter. But unfortunately, you are rewarded when someone votes. It is interesting that your post has a lot of views outside of Hive.

People also interact with headlines. I think YouTube is good at this option, yes?

Five years ago it was like that, but then everything changed, YouTube did not live up to the hopes of many people.

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that's awesome! :)

It's great to see results!

This is so brilliant to see such insights

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I would place a bot that votes the more seen, the more commented and the more engaged, It would be better for picking possible trending posts on hive and maximize profits, this could be a game changer.

Good idea, lol, most importantly, timely. Otherwise, the noise about the hive in social networks turns out to be somehow one-sided)

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The issue would be that I have no money to do such a bot, also that this would petty much cause heated debate about quality curation and stuff like it.

Yes, there are times when ideas and possibilities must go hand in hand)

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Exactly, at least if we are getting good traffic from outside, then rewarding them well, will definitely bring more attention to this chain. But then who cares !!

Hello dear friend @sanjeevm good morning
This is very good news, excellent to know that your publication is trending. Congratulations for the great job of promoting Hive
Everything one can do to spread our social network is very important
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid weekend

I appreciate your own way of Marketing Hive, but I have ditched Facebook long time ago.

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Even I ditched Facebook long time ago, these are just my own way of promoting HIVE.

Lol, it makes me laugh when they say that views affect something, tomorrow my twitter will already have 50K views in 28 days, but this did not affect my posts in any way. I tend to think that wasting time on twitter is a waste of time, or rather, theft of my time, which I can devote to the Hive. Sad but true.

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Well, our own peakd analytics do say that there are some good visits, the point is that, is view considered as engagement ? People say comments are forms of engagements, but then there are barely few meaningful comments.

The fact is that tweets do not work one day, they are shared by other people, I see retweets, and engagement occurs, although it is difficult to control and predict. It should be noted that people receive information, sometimes it takes time before they decide on something.

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