Can't India make its own Telsa ?

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I wish India make its own Telsa (Tata Elisa) which would be affordable for Indians


How about having a Tata Elisa ( Telsa) that would be made in India ?

Transport minister Nitin Gadkari offered incentives to Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc to make sure that the cost of production of their cars would be less than what in China, and even there can be higher concessions if the entire Tesla product is built in the country by hiring local vendors. Well, definitely this will benefit the local vendors and provide employment and opportunity to locals. But who are the target consumers ?

Gadkari said that as well as being a big market, India could be an export hub, especially with about 80% of components for lithium-ion batteries being made locally now.
“I think it’s a win-win situation for Tesla,” Gadkari said, adding he also wanted to engage with Tesla about building an ultra high-speed hyperloop between Delhi and Mumbai.

Does India not need a comprehensive EV policy (it does not have one currently) to curb the pollution ? Should we not worry more about a win-win situation for India ? With more than 300 days of sunshine, India is a very ideal country for solar energy. However, we lack in building the right products that the people of this country can use every day. With the current price of oil shooting to new highs, who will not go for electric vehicle, if its affordable ?

If you do not know, then Tesla has registered it's offices in India (Bangalore) earlier this year, and plans to sell three of it's model. The Model 3 will cost around Rs. 60.00 Lakh (lowest) , which is beyond the capacity of any middle class person. Even many cannot think of buying a house in this amount. And the government itself declares a tax exemption of Rs 1.5 lakh under Section 80EEA for a home under affordable housing scheme capping the price of the house at Rs 45 lakh. So how much the govt expects one to spend on a car ?

I would think, 10 Lakh would be the maximum amount the middle class can think of spending on a Electric Vehicle with the expectation of it saving their fuel cost. So can't we build such a product in India, in the #MakeInIndia spirit. We have the Tatas - the most respected and trustful brand - can the government invite them and discuss and build something that can benefit the country ?

Instead of giving the benefit to the richest man, can we not invite all the brains to build something in #MakeInIndia campaign ? If more than 35% of scientists at NASA are from India, I am sure, we have the talent - but may be they are not utilized for the country. Is it not high time, we think about the country's pollution rate and build something that can use the solar power which is abundantly available ? And used by the common man ?

Please share your opinion.

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Whats brilliant about your post @sanjeevm is your point of view as an Indian on what the economic life is like for Indians, many Americans experience Indians thru H1B work visas but little is known about India. The average American hasnt a clue about what an average Indian has to do to survive economically, you could really open up some eyes of us in the West. What many Americans know about India Economically in the West is negative,like the millions of American jobs getting outsourced to India, Ford building a factory in India instead of the United States. the Indian call centers are the height of stereotypes of India replacing American workers. Complaints of Indian Engineers coming to America to replace American engineers by paying them 20-30 thousand less. Walgreens Corp. Outsourced thousands of jobs at it's corporate office to India, I however am starting to see India differently, i have a lot to learn, there is more to India than the stereotype of outsourcing jobs for less pay, they take the humanity out of life with that stereotype, we in the west can't imagine what the economic challenges are for people out east, also based on the Indian Economy how much Hive a month would it take to live a normal working class life, in America it would be $2,000 to stay above water a month in Hive. What about India, some countries based on the cost of living is it possible to make a living producing Hive Content? Lately Ive been doing research on India, Indian culture is new to me in so many ways so Im continuing to research Indian society, and was developing a post on the relationship and military treaties with the Indian military and Japan and how that is a hege against China that people are not aware about, I think WW3 with China will start on the Indian Chinese border and will include Japan and the independent Asian countries like Vietnam etc will form a united front without the USA and make war on China.

Anyway brother I would love to hear mire about the economic side of Life in India, it would be eye opening for many and would show the value of earning 5$ on a post could actually feed people. Take care sorry for writing a book! Looking forward to reading more of your work. Even everyday religious customs Americans are clueless about would be interesting, and I much rather India builds its own electric car to compete against Tesla than Tesla make a factory.

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I however am starting to see India differently, i have a lot to learn, there is more to India than the stereotype....

That's great to hear - with change of time, I personally think, people in India are no more crazy to go to America to replace American engineers - I myself have got several opportunities ( even now) - but I always deny and prefer to work here. Entrepreneurship is definitely getting to new highs and the young people are inspired to do something on their own in India - but I see the Indian system still not up to the expectation to provide adequate support. The government spends maximum money in subsidized schemes, making people handicapped - all part of the vote politics. Even though, there has been improvements in recent times, corruption is still at large. So the working labour class is decreasing because they are fed by free schemes and that is another challenge for the new generation entrepreneurs. The government at one hand fixes the minimum wage ( which is sustainable - but they are least interested to work because they enjoy all the free stuffs at the cost of taxpayers money. In my opinion, for India to change the culture, the subsidized schemes should be stopped - rather create opportunity for people and give them more, if they work. For India to prosper, we need a hard working culture.

I will be sure to talk with you when I get ready to do a post on the Indian and Japanese military. Looking forward to seeing India through the eyes of someone in India getting a real view of an Amazing culture, I have been really interested in the Religion, extremely fascinating!

India has the talent, the skill and the manpower. I'm sure it's just about time.

for me, India has everything, the people with brains and talent, the manpower and great culture. I don't know who and why brought it to that kind of state they are now with Extremely poor people and extremely wealthy but it's time to step up!

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The government or the political parties - all for the sake of vote politics. Feed them with free stuff and keep them poor - get the votes.

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Dear @sanjeevm

I will say india has all it takes to curb out their own tesla and even make it recognize all around the world. The only thing I see that is lacking is how to make utilsation of this components to bring the dream into achievement

Yours, Piotr