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RE: STEMGeeks Second Hackathon

in LeoFinance2 years ago

If asked from DHF, can we make it Hive Hackathon, not stemgeeks? That would serve as personal project otherwise and doesn't need DHF funding. But Hive Hackathon would be supported more widely as official hackathons that is done yearly like Hive Fest.

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  2. Hive Hackathon name is more general and that should be marketed as part of proposal.
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  5. Yes, change name to HIVE HACKATHON
  6. Depends, but for sharing information around for sure.

that sounds about right

Stemgeeks has potential to be the next dapp that can bring students from schools / colleges / universities on HIVE. And any dapp built on HIVE will benefit HIVE for sure. I agree, it could be termed as Hive Hackathon and may be reward given in HIVE as well as STEM. HIVE from DHF Funding and STEM from burn rewards would be a good combination I think.

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hive is too small, and cant scale up

So are you saying, hive is not usable ? just brings me a blank page.