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RE: The Deflationary Era Is Upon Us

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It really serious how everything is changing at every given point in time. The positive part is access to information, at least readers retain a 60% chance of surviving these occurrences.

It is hard to grow the economy when the countries you sell to are facing aging populations and reduced consumption.

Yes it is, and it is difficult to say it would stop.

We don't face this problem in Nigeria but we face a greater challenge in the development of the younger generation.



Nigeria is a bright spot when it comes to the population question. You are in one areas that is projected to grow in population throughout this century. If the country can get itself in order, Nigeria could become a major player by the end of the century.

It has to do a lot of housecleaning first.

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Thanks for this.. I wrote an article two days ago relating to how we don't even want to earn in Naira, we strive to earn in dollar. Thanks for your support on that post. Most youths here are into scamming and fraud because of the extreme rate of poverty. How can one explain inflation in a country where oil is our major source of revenue!. Thank God for crypto, because this saves us, Here on hive, most Nigerians here are youths and they are all trying to secure their future! Me included. I'm glad you see that it is an inward problem. I hope someday all this happens. !PIZZA

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Just keep taking the high road and not succumbing to the temptation of shortcuts. Scammers do not seem to get very far.

Put in the effort on Hive and I believe you will be richly rewarded.

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