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RE: Game, Set and Yahtzee: The BTC Energy Incentive

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Nothing wrong with filling a child's life with learning experiences. Wrong is taking that way too far and trying to make every experience a learning one and discarding/preventing any you decide doesn't meet the criteria for learning, or even worse, trying to find a life lesson in every passing moment XD

back in the early days when I was researching homeschooling methods I remember reading a blog where a parent described being at another family's house that was like that and describing the atmosphere as very stressful

our own survival as a species is not a good enough reason.

Ego again probably convinced beyond all logic and rationality that somehow it will be standing on the sidelines watching forlornly while everything else dies and refusing to accept that it will actually also be dying.

Also stop saying people need to change their mentality, that's mean and oppressive and a bunch of other stuff I will probably think about after I hit "reply" ;D


I feel at times I err on the side of too "teachy", but I might not be as extreme as some and, I do spend a lot of time just having random fun too :)

You should know by now, I am an oppressive dictator who's opinion is the only correct one!

Extremes are generally not ideal XD Random fun is good :)

Absolutely XD