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RE: Building a Trading Bot from Scratch

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I think it's just the idea of making the bot that's easy XD

Already up to speed on node, damn, I feel like such a noob XD

in fairness to me I'm not doing anything anywhere near that level of complexity


Yes, the idea of the bot is easy. The reality is something else. But breaking it down into smaller components and mapping out how they fit together, like the image in the article helps immensely with understanding the flow of logic necessary to make it work.

In fairness, I already had a number of years of experience with plain old Javascript. But Javascript had moved on since I last worked with it. I also had to figure out the Node.js ecosystem. There are a number of development stacks and frameworks to chooser from. Once you choose one, you are committed to it, because refactoring the code to another is a nightmare.

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It really has moved on quite a bit hasn't it x_x

I'm basically starting from nothing as all I ever did with js was some pretty eye candy stuff that made things look cool but wasn't necessary for page function and then eventually replaced those with css effects.

I was a web developer for many years, I've ended up having to do complicated things with Javascript. So to discover that there was something like Node.js was a gift from heaven, it meant all of that experience was still useful.

Mind you, after learning and using, PHP, Basic, 68000 Assembly and even 6502 machine code, picking up something new is not beyond me.

The fact that Node.js can even be used to create cross platform desktop and mobile apps is mind blowing.

Will it ever be as fast as C? Naaa... but you will get the job done quickly.

You can always call upon modules written in C if the needed.