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RE: Will Hive Follow LEO and Steem?

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The steemit whales mad a killing on that beasty market -

my acct was up to like $1200 - but it was all staked - i got one weeks worth powered down and got a little profit - but by the time the next week rolled around i missed the best part.

that's the draw back to POS markets - you gotta keep some of it liquid so you don't miss your chance - live and learn

and here i am again - all my hive is powered up - and all my leo is powered up

and i keep spending my hive earnings on stupid internet games LOL

i guess it keeps me out of trouble at least ;)

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Yup, that week long power down (I think it was longer at the time) is pretty much the death spiral lol I don't blame you on the games I do as well. I enjoy them and some of them seem like they do pretty well. I look at the games as a way to bring new people into the crypto they run off of and help build some demand.

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