Manual Curators Rejoice as HF 25 Diminishes The Advantages Of Auto-Voting

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What the Fork is going on?

Although it wasn't the usual smooth sailing transition we're used to, HF 25 is up and running and the blockchain is chugging away nicely, 3 seconds at a time. With the HF came a few very important updates for the long-term viability of Hive (HBD stabilization, ability to upvote posts older than 7 days, HBD interest) and a change in curation which I'm particularly excited about - as I've been a vocal proponent of this exact change for a very long time.

While the other changes might be more interesting for some Hiver's, I'm most elated to see curation change in favor of manual curators as this will make most bots and auto-voters obsolete while greatly improving Hive's curation culture for the better.

Manual vs Auto

Ever since the curation window without diminishing returns was reduced to 5 minutes, bots and users who follow algorithmic curation trails have had an unfair advantage over manual curators. This made it close to impossible to out-vote bots manually, and made me and a lot of other users, switch from 100% manual to largely automatic curation.


While I did enjoy the benefits of increased rewards by auto-voting compared to my manual curation efforts, I was missing the treasurehunt element of manually finding great, underrated content. With the implementation of HF 25, manual curators and treasurehunt enthusiasts like myself, can finally rejoice and return to their original modus operandi after being spoiled by effortless auto-voting.

You can expect to see me visit your posts more often than before, even if they are a couple days old, which is something I'd rarely do under the previous curation regime.

I'll need your help to discover awesome content though

Once again I'll publish a bi-weekly post where you'll have a chance to introduce your work and the work of your favorite Hiver's. Every other week when you see the post, you'll have the opportunity to present your best work or the best work of fellow Hiver's whose creations you enjoy feasting your eyes on. There will be no limitations to the number of articles/users you can share so don't be shy, and come over to my blog in a few days to drown the comment section with suggestions.


I was hoping for details (being one of the few manual curators), but didn't see them. So for others who visit this, here they are:

  • There is now no punishment for voting early (previous 5 minute window)
  • Voting in the first 24 hours will be rewarded based on their Hive power and vote weight

Yeah, they just pointed to full release notes from which I can't decipher any additional info.

For me i think i love this HF25 because with the manual voting will help those newly introduced member of the community with fine post to be getting upvote

Actually the changes do not remove the advantages of autovoting. What the changes do is remove the advantages of front-running whale votes (manually or using a bot). Autovoting is still marginally more profitable than manual curation because you can setup a script that only votes when the voting power reaches 100% on any post or comment. That is something that manual curators cannot do unless if you do not sleep and are constantly looking for content.

Although I must say that it is a relief not to have the idea in the back of my mind that I am voting to early or to late on a post.

It is a good change because auto voting is not good at all as we cannot check the content. so manual curator's must be happy with this change and that was very much needed. I appreciate such kind of changes with the hard fork 25

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