My Journey To Crating My first Api Using $Git

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Hey guys, it's been a while since I engaged myself in the Blockchain space. I wasn't gone, I was only on a low doing my stuff. We all know 2020 treated us so different from the rest of the years. But then, I'm glad to be back at blogging once again. During my time here from now on, I will be sharing with y'all each knowledge I gain while learning how to program.

Many of y'all might have seen my previous post on programing while some haven't. I must confess that I really regretted the decision I took back then to stop publishing. Anyways, I am back and better this time.

I have always wanted to dive deep into programming for so many years. Luckily, I got a lot of free time this year and I have been learning from back to back. I am into Android programming with Kotlin, and I am happy with what things I have learned so far. I have decided to continue sharing each skill I learn here for the records.

Over the past two weeks, I have been practicing Android development with API(s), network calls, and the rest. This had led me to search for free Api to practice with. But all thanks to an amazing lesson I came across on the web where I'm currently learning how to Create A Registration, Login, and Logout API with OAuth2. I will also be learning how to deploy the API to the server using $git. We'll be Using Php and MySQL while creating the API using a token-based authentication method.


I will share all of these practices with us, including when I start using the API for Android development. I hope this would be fun!!! See y'all soon.

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