Google Plans To Dive Deeper Into The Crypto Market With New Partnerships And New Hiring

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Institutional and individual investors adopting cryptocurrencies are increasing day by day. Interest and participation in the crypto market is growing rapidly, which is pushing many companies to plan more about cryptocurrencies and deeper into the crypto market.


According to Bloomberg's report, Google plans to allow cryptocurrencies to be stored on digital cards. That's why Google hired PayPal veteran Arnold Goldberg to head its payments division. In addition, Google states that there are increasing demands for cryptocurrencies from users and sellers, and therefore plans to offer new services and increase their services. Based on these developments, Google plans to dive further into the crypto market. In addition, Google plans to form new partnerships and recruit new employees this year.

Google signed a deal with cryptocurrency trading platform Bakkt in October and joined forces to become the company's main cloud provider. The company also collaborated with Vancouver-based blockchain firm Dapper Labs in September. It was also announced that Alphabet's venture capital arm is among the investors of crypto holding Digital Currency Group. In addition, Google plans to offer more services to its users and vendors in the future.

Google plans to dive deeper into the crypto market in the future. It also looks like Google plans to form new partnerships and hire new hires in the coming months, and for some, it's already ready. Actually, this news is not surprising to me because no giant company can remain indifferent to such a growing huge market. And they have to go even deeper, and many of them will have to go deeper in the future.

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