Thanksgiving Day - Crypto Coins Daily Prediction Contest - Round 7 - #Jahm 02.18.2021 - 02.19.2021

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Thanksgiving Day - Crypto Coins Daily Prediction Contest - Round 7 - #Jahm 02.18.2021 - 02.19.2021.


Greetings to all!

Today is the first day when we will see the burning #Jahm.

I hope it smells like Jamaican grilled chicken, or charcoal grilled pork ribs, it should be delicious.

Like yesterday, today, there were no people willing to test their skills as a coin rate analyst.

It doesn't surprise me.

Over the past year, I have seen that most of the contests have lost many, permanent participants.

maybe the time of the contests will come back later, I don't know.

But, I give the opportunity to earn a certain amount of #Jahm coins and many other coins from the curators.

For me, it doesn't matter if someone takes this opportunity or not.

The most important thing is the goal - to send #Jahm to the moon!

The submission time has expired and nothing prevents me from posting a post before 22:00.

My first post where the idea of ​​burning coins was heralded #Jahm made a record high lol!

You see this amount in the screenshot, I do not want to spend my time on a set of numbers after the cape, which is after the unit, lol.


After a while, I should receive another 243.3720477 #JAHM, this is a curatorial award for my vote of 20%, which I gave to the winner of the first round of the competition.

In total, it turns out about 245 #Jahm coins.

I thought that a normal, bright fire should have three zeros.

Therefore, I added some coins from my wallet for the first fire.

In total, we sent 1000 #Jahm coins to the furnace.

You can see the confirmation of the transaction below.

The process has begun, I greet all #Jahm coin holders!


All #Jahm coins I earn by voting for your comments and for this post will be on fire and sent to @null.

20210212184037 1.jpg

Competition rules:

  1. Submit a comment to this post and indicate the estimated cost of buying the #Jahm coin for tomorrow at 22:00 Kiev time.

  2. The bet is accepted until 21:00 Kiev time.

  3. If your bet is closest to the result of that hour, you are the winner.
    Read about the idea of ​​the competition and the prize pool by following the link to the original post - Thanksgiving Day - Crypto Coins Daily Prediction Contest - Round 1 - Jahm.

  4. If you become the winner of the competition, or one of its prize-winners, you undertake to burn at least 1 #Jahm coin, when you receive your reward.

  5. You can vote for this post, or not, at your discretion, but repost is required.

First place - 20% of the strength of my vote #Jahm;

Second place - 3x7% of the strength of my vote #Jahm;

Third place - 7x3% of the strength of my vote #Jahm;

An incentive prize - 10x1% of the strength of my vote #Jahm

The power of my voice Jahm is 1,500,000 coins.

If, in the future, there are two contenders for the first place, or for any other place, I will flip a coin and decide, by elimination, who will take the highest mark.

As a result, you earn the #Jahm coin, which, gradually, due to burning, will begin to grow in value.

Read the competition rules on the first round page Thanksgiving Day - Crypto Coins Daily Prediction Contest - Round 1 - Jahm.

Please note, starting from today, that the submission of applications indicating the rates on the Jahm coin will be accepted until 21:00 Kiev time.

Guess the highest cost of the application for the purchase of the Jahm coin at 22:00, 02.19.2021.

I announce the Round 7 open!


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I predict that jahm price will be around 0.0025 hives let see if I win

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Stem? How is this STEM?

Economics and mathematics, are they incompatible concepts? Guys, I started from the topics of the publications of the leaders of your community, if there is mathematics in the creation of coins, then it is also in their burning, but, I will not prove that 2 + 2 = 4, this should be clear. Half of the posts in the popular section, in Stem, have nothing to do with math ... hundreds of people voted for the story about virtual reality glasses, lol, there was no math, only the price of glasses and a couple of options, you are looking, not where need to.

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We should smoke a pipe sometime and right the world wrongs.

One day, you'll regret it very much, I promise.

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The pipe?

)) I read your only post in Stem, it's strange to see such cheap stuff in the work of a person who claims to be a defender of some values. Okay, I'm sure that the accounts that gave me the flags will eventually get everything they deserve. The Stem tag, for me, is not important, I just wanted to draw more attention to the Jahm coin. Moreover, I was waiting for people like you to come here. The Stem community has double standards, stew in your own juice.

The steam community?? Have you truly no idea?

You are obviously a scammer who cares so little for the platform you don't even know which one you are posting on.

Lol. Stew in your own juice, she says

This is how your community translates from Russian google translator