Keep Warm and Earn BTC - Crypto Mining Heater is here

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Technology has come this far, I still don't believe the title I wrote is true.
I use Brave browser and Brave ads are parts and parcel of my daily life. I enjoy Brave Ads as they allow me to peek into the new and brave world of cryptos. Typically, I don't dwell on ads as most of them are about new platform and/or project on crypto. But, this one caught my eye.

Mine BTC using a heater at home. This sounds like a great business idea with a log of potential. Whoever came with this idea is a genius mind. How can you otherwise motivate masses to join the crypto mining? It not only tries to solve the crypto adoption but also provides a partial answer to greenhouse gas emissions from BTC mining.

Let's think about a scenario where all crypto users, at least, own one of these BTC mining heaters. This means we are creating a mining grid that is truly decentralized where no one mining firm is producing and controlling the hash rate. I am aware that there is a company app that controls mining but this is just a start. There will be technologies that may allow users to be part of the crypto network using whatever resources they have in their households. This will create a sink to dump the GHG emissions argument.

The mining product looks sleek, modern and tempting. The price is a bit on the higher side for non-enthusiasts. I applause the idea behind this product but doubt the regular people will buy these heaters to mine, yet.


also has a cost-benefit calculator to let users know how much they can make in dollars in multiple mining and use scenario. I quickly selected variables that suit me with the BTC price on $40K. The way I would be using that heater in the winter here in Canada for the next six months, the investment would not be profitable. I will have 50% discount in my heating but the investment is not sustainable.

Nevertheless, this is a great idea if the price goes down or you want to invest $1000 to mine BTC hoping the price will reach $100k this bull run. It is like buying BTC in a very unique way.

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I'd hate to hear how loud that heater would be. I do know a few people who put a few asics in their crawl space to heat their homes in the winter months though.

Have you seen the black box yet?

That's the closest I'd want to do for home mining. You could then blow the exhaust heat from the Blackbox into the home.

Yeah, the sound is the byproduct. Going through their description, it seems they tried to manage sound as well. It would be ideal for the crawl space, yes :P. I would try their product if it was less pricey than that. But, I assume the finish requires the price they have. The Blackbox idea is nice. Thanks for this.

That’s an interesting concept! Lol. It’s good to see the different ways people are approaching things though. Combine that with a few solar panels or something and you might be able to offset the energy cost a bit. Fun combinations to think about!

I know. I was more excited by the finish they have on the product. We could go off grid and run nodes for BTC or even the lightning node. So many possibilities.

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