I am not a BTC maxi but..... I listen to Peter McCormack the most

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I joined crypto not that long ago. That could be the reason why I do not have the concept of Bitcoin maximalism. I heard the term while I got acquainted with crypto twitter and the players within that loud chamber. I wanted to know more about the term and had to do a proper research.

Do not want to bore all crypto OGs of Leofinance and Hive by adding technical definition of maximalism and all 😊 Based on my observation, there are two camps. One that wants to protect BTC at all cost and thinks the network is the safest, purest and the most sacred network ever. The other camp considers BTC as part of the crypto space in general and considers the value of the other chain as well. It’s a very coarse generalization as there are many users and individuals who may have ideas across the spectrum of these two end points.

Since I have no idea what happened before 2019 and 2020, I cannot say with certainty the feelings the original bitcoiners held against the BTC fork that happened in 2017. I have read so many articles which suggest that the maximalism in BTC came from the notion that the original network should be saved from the forkers and invaders who are trying to alter the original idea.

I am not a BTC maximalist at all as I do not have enough understanding and first love towards BTC. I started out with so many other coins that help me stabilize in the cryptospace. That way I am thankful to all these other coins like ETH, BNB and all the newer tokens out there like Hive and Leo.

I believe that we should be accommodative of all chains and projects. One chain or projects cannot handle all issues out there that can be solved with blockchain. Projects have specialized expertise. The smart contract Ethereum introduced does not need to happen in every chain out there. Similarly, Ethereum does not need to have all good things that crypto chain should have to survive. For example, Hive has its own qualities that we all hivers are proud of but Hive does not need to be the only chain with all solutions to save the world.


This musing came to my head after I got an email from Spotify. I received an email from Spotify that provided my annual data on the platform. I listen to music and spend my time listening to podcasts. Obviously, I only listen to podcasts that are directly or indirectly related to crypto and macro economy. According to the data, the number one podcast last year for me on Spotify happen to be “The Bitcoin Standard” by Peter McCormack. Peter is known for his BTC maximalism. He openly says that and focuses his podcast interviews on BTC as the name of the show suggest. Nothing wrong with that as he can do whatever he wants.

I listen to his shows to understand the macro perspective and the on-chain analysis the guests provide. It is important to understand the BTC movement if you want to grasp the overall market. I find it easier to listen to podcasts specializing on coins and tokens to gaze what is happening in that ecosystem. It seems I was little to inclined to BTC in 2021. I may have to diversify more to another chains.

I actively listen to Leofinance AMA in lieu of podcast. I also listen to Community Token Talk. Happy podcasting fellow Hive people.

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I think it's funny that I'm writing what I would consider a BTC maximalist post right now. Hopefully it doesn't come across as too-shilly lol. I like Hive and some other things but just simply don't have the time or energy to dedicate to all of it! So Bitcoin and Hive it is for me lol

Do it :P I would love to enjoy that post. For me, I am okay if someone says BTC is the best blockchain. I also agree with that. Saying BTC is the best is different from saying others are crap. You are on Hive that means you believe in other chains as well :) Healthy maximalism.

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Yeah, I am pretty satisfied with it. I want to do more but just can't fathom being able to learn more at this point lol

The post should be out on Wednesday! Felt sick this past week so I've not spent much time on Hive so I could recuperate but felt a good amount better today so I got some stuff scheduled. Need to catch up now and get things to a better spot lol

Hope it's not 'vid . Take care.

I commented on your Music Monday post the other day. I then realized this must have been scheduled a week earlier. I love how organized you are with your posts :)

Sadly music Monday is one that isn't as well planned for me lol. I like to see what music I can come up with the days prior to Monday and will often put out a music Monday post on Monday itself.

Honestly I would rather just get the damn thing and get it over with, if I haven't gotten it already lol. Natural immunity for the win!

I strongly believe that the virus has definitely hit our family and we did not notice that. All our neighbours had it and the kid's daycare was close due to an outbreak. Natural immunity please.

thinks the network is the safest, purest and the most sacred network ever.

I guess that is so true.

many of the forks of BTC are done with malicious intent. Even Bitcoin Cash try to mislead the user with their currency "claiming" it as BTC (instead of bitcoin cash) and duping them to buy bitcoin cash instead of BTC.

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That is true, I guess. I read about that event. BTC came out strong and that's what decentralization is.

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Is funny how we all got to ride in the hive blockchain. I knew BTC since when I was a kid and always wanted to get involve from the start.

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I did know about BTC until 2018. I knew it exists but never really got into understanding how it works.

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