Am I a Maximalist? May be

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Well, what do we mean by maximalism in cryptospace? When we hear the term, we certainly think about bitcoin maximalism and the idea that BTC is the superior form of cryptocurrency and will eventually become the only money/chain/infrastructure in the world that provides any needed services, including smart contracts, to users. The BTC maximalism is a behaviour that unapologetically believes in the value of BTC being the supercurrency and negates the role/value of other assets/coins.


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In that sense, I am not a maximalist. I do think that there is enough space in crypto real estate for all infrastructure to flourish and generate value. It is fascinating to explore the wealth of knowledge out there for new relatively new users like me who want to learn about crypto and blockchain. I must say that I have benefitted a lot from discussions and posts on Leofinance and similar other platforms. Most importantly, I listen to podcasts with experts and those have been eye opening sessions for me. They have been instrumental in broadening my vision in this new space and all the possibilities.

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As I mentioned in one of my tweets, one of the best decisions that I made in 2020 was to join Leofinance. The other best decision was to start investing in crypto assets. I have my reservations and grudges around why I did not put all my fiat money into crypto and why I sold my initial investment in BTC. However, looking back I don’t think I should regret thinking about all those decisions. I think they helped me figure out what is good and what I should be doing in the future. No decision is a bad decision if It helped you to be a better decision maker than before. I needed my learning curve and I hope I will not make the same dubious decisions again.

Coming back to maximalism, I definitely think that there is enough space for all projects in crypto space. In that sense, I am a crypto maximalist who thinks that a major disruption is happening right now with the rise of these crypto start ups that work on new ideas on how to use blockchain technology to develop apps/services to efficiently deliver what the traditional technology is delivering now. NFTs, Fintech are the sectors that are beginning to fathom and demonstrate the value of blockchain tech. Let’s wait until the tokenization starts disrupting government services and data storage. The internet 2.0 will have use cases in sectors that we cannot even think of. We never thought that we will be working from home for a year and will have the same efficiency while delivering the work. This suddenly made office spaces obsolete and we are seeing its impact in the real estate market.

The argument here is no more focused on coin valuation in terms of USD, which is important by the way, but more about the underlying problem a project is trying to solve. The token value will be higher when they solve a problem that was considered unsolvable. Think about them as bounties where there are rewards to solve complex puzzles. As per my training, I am beginning to think that the highest value token will be of a project that solves the problem of global climate change. Are you thinking about revolutionary energy? Coz I am :)

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Being a Leofinance maximalist is quite healthy.

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And financially rewarding as well :P
Jokes apart, I do think that the technology is yet to find its value. And, we would be proud of our decision to be a part of this community token system when that happens.

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