A worker-bee I am. Let me build my own HIVE.

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My wife had a surgery today. I had to wait for almost two hours outside of the operation room. The waiting lobby was comfortable given the flow of incoming patients. Hospitals in Toronto can be tricky and overwhelming sometime but today was not that day. It could be due to the type of surgery we went for.

Anyways, I had a bit of free time while waiting. I did not know what else to do. So, I started reading my Leofinance posts that I published since they day I joined the community. I was not reading them all but was skimming through the titles. I was proud but it also felt little weird to see how many posts I have created in the community.


source - Beekeepinglikeagirl.com

There are many posts where I shared my thoughts about upcoming projects. Looking back at those posts, I am glad that I made few nice predictions and my intuition was right about those projects. Pancakeswap and Solana are those two projects where I got into early. I shared my thoughts about those projects and hope the other members benefitted from my experience.

It felt like a journey through time. I compared the price of ETH and the price of Air Max-- an apple headphone. Here's a link ETH VS Airpods The price at the time of that writing was around $600. I smiled while reading the post this morning as the ETH price is reaching new ATHs and the Air Max must have worn out by now. Having said that, I am not against using new sleek products.

If a product helps you increase your productivity and gives you self-confidence, then we should go for it. If we are buying a product just because we love the brand and want to get our hand to the next shiny thing in the market - that is wrong.

The other post that caught my attention was when I shared how broke I was and did not have money to invest into crypto. Here is a link NO MONEY LEFT TO INVEST That was in February 2021. It is December now. In between these 10 months, I don't know how but I managed to invest in many new defi projects. Even now, I think I do not have fiat money to invest into new crypto projects.

I need more tokens, more ownership and more involvement.

May be I am irrational. I should take profit of my investment so that I can re-invest them into new products. As my mindset is right now, I just don't want to sell anything. I am overly optimistic about the upside of the market. I am fully aware that I have not experienced the market crash and a prolonged bear market. I am convinced that one should experience the crash to learn lessons from it. A newbie like me won't understand that without going through same steps.

Only smart people can earn from others' mistake and I am not a smart person for sure :P

I don't have new money to invest, even now. Looking back I can tell one thing for certain, investment is not a one-shot move, it's a marathon. I have a regular income source and I use utilize my regular income source to drip-invest here and there. I am a work-bee - working tirelessly to collect honey for multiple honeycomb. Let me build my Hive. Let me take the ownership.

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I was proud but it also felt little weird to see how many posts I have created in the community.

You should be proud. It takes time and effort to build anything. Having put together so many posts isn't easy but it is worth doing. It's a huge part of the overall community.

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I am proud. Weird may not be the right word 😂🤣 i agree. I was surprised to see my own journey and how far i came from that starting point. Many more years like this. let's hope.

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