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If you are like me then you want to know all the Hive analytics and statistics. I would always lookout for the number of rewards I will receive in a week, my performance in the past and how should I strategize to achieve the financial goals I set. There are many pages where we find these sets of information and I have used all of them. Hivestats.io was the one that I frequented when I started on Hive but then did not use much lately.

The @leofinance team, finally, decided to take a break from Cubdefi and Polycub 😀 and took a stab to upgrade the page that all users love to have. The new version of Hivestats.io looks pretty bold and sleek compared to its previous avatar. There are new features that make it more user friendly but there are few features that I would like the team to include in future versions (if/when they think it's time for another update).

So, let’s go through the three prime features that I absolutely love on this new page.


We had this section before but the new version packs the punch. You have additional information such as power ups, power downs, witness earnings and HBD earnings. Users get a snapshot of their hive activity in this specific section. The best feature within the section would be the toggle option. We can choose and pick which variable we want to display on the graph. The colour theme looks decent and sharp.
Screen Shot 20220211 at 11.09.00 AM.png


The only thing I would add to this already amazing feature would be the ability to go beyond 30 days. It can be done as PeakD analytics can display more than 30 days. Having said that, there is no limit to how far in the history one wants to go. So, if we can provide an option to download CSV data format for the information that are more than 30 days old would be perfect.


This section is the most useful section for me 😛 Growing your account is one of the objectives of users like me. This section provides all the details you need when it comes to how much you will make once the rewards period closes. I tested the section and realized you can actually sort the table heads to add more spice to the analytics. For example, users can sort pending rewards high to low or low to high. It can be sorted based on how much USD you are making for each post. This is good. I like the author and curation rewards section.

Screen Shot 20220211 at 11.10.23 AM.png


Can we please get back the “hide dust rewards” feature? Not everyone makes rewards of every post they add on Hive. (Hint- rmsadkri 😀)


There are FOUR other features that I think comes third on the list and are equally important.

The Dark Mode makes it easy to view and provides a different flavor to view graphs and analytics. I am happy that we have this option.
Screen Shot 20220211 at 11.11.44 AM.png

The other amazing feature to have is the link to beeswap pools for HE tokens. This is something that I never thought of before but I love it when I have.
Screen Shot 20220211 at 11.12.59 AM.png

The other interesting feature is the user toggle. The previous version did not have the option to login with two accounts. This version has that option and will be valuable for users who have alt accounts. They do not have to go back and forth with logins. They can switch between accounts. This feature is also useful for someone like me who wants to sneak into their partner’s account now and then 😊

Screen Shot 20220211 at 11.13.56 AM.png

Oh, you can also search for accounts when you type in the account name when you search names. I don’t think we had this feature in the previous version. Small things matter.

Screen Shot 20220211 at 11.15.09 AM.png

The last best feature that I want to highlight is the wallet section. This got revamped. I can use this wallet section to transfer, save and stake my tokens. I am not sure we could do that with earlier version. The only issue I had while using this feature was not having an option to select “max” button while powering up or sending tokens to others. Now, I have to manually add the number. Just a small feature request.
Screen Shot 20220211 at 11.16.17 AM.png

Other features

There are other new features like links to cubdefi and loedex, a new profile page section with all the information that you need on your account. The profile section looks like any other hive frontend profile page- that means a job well done.

I am not sure why the "trade" link on this section goes to coingecko though.


Leo rewards analytics

I was hoping that the team would add this feature. I get the point that this page is for Hive users. But there are few users, like me, who also like to track Leo rewards as we have set our objectives and goals around Leo token. It would be nice to have a section where I get the information on pending leo rewards and the author and curation rewards on leofinance. I think the leofinance wallet page provides leo only author and curation info. Can’t we have that information plug in here and display? I am not sure of that is feasible or not.

Number of comments and replies—graphs

I also did not see the analytics around comments and replies. I currently use PeakD analytics for that. It would be useful to see how many comments I made on a daily basis to up my engagement game.

Splinterlands, dCity, RisingStar CONNECTION

It would also make sense to have dedicated sections for the popular games on hive. I know that users can stake and collect splinterlands rewards using beeswap. A similar feature would make this page more useful for all types of power users.


I would like to congratulate the project team for updating the website. Users can definitely take value out of this page and this has the potential to become the page on Hive where one can get a snapshot of everything he does on Hive.

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It would also make sense to have a dedicated sections for the popular games on hive. I know that users can stake and collect splinterlands rewards using beeswap. A similar feature would make this page more useful for all types of power users.

I know right! I thought about this too, if it’s feasible it’ll be nice to have. Peakmonsters display a lot of Splinterlands data, so I think it should be feasible here too.

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Exactly. If this page aspires to be the page that hive users use for all of their needs then it must address and include major hive games.

I keep seeing people talking about the update to the site. I’ll have to go and check it out! I loved using it before and hiding dust was huge for me. They have let you sort in the past, I used to sort the list by the highest ROI percentage, that was fun. I think my best was 300% ROI or something. Fun days!

I would love to be able to go back further than 30 days. A calendar option would be great. I want to see what I had for growth in 2021 and even better would be to sort it by blocks. I don’t need to see a million circles on there but it would be nice to see every 50 increase in HP or something.

All great suggestions. I never thought about the calendar option. Yes, that would be cool.300% ROI, that's huge. I miss on that one coz I like to curate on my own and never time the timing.

Well with the recent curation change last year or whatever it was, those numbers are a thing of the past lol. Not too much complaints but it was nice!

I would love the calendar for sure!

There is an ongoing contest on Leofinance to talk about the site. The winners will have 100 LEO each :) Got to try to get those rewards :)

Ah pretty cool I figured. You got a hefty vote from leo that’s awesome! I sometimes get the 10$ ones but this one was great!

Yes, I did. The curators are looking for the contest related content.

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