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RE: Shake your way into earning BTC

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When I started in this cryptocurrency thing, I tried to look for sites like this to earn some satoshis but the truth is due to lack of time and the difficulties of being able to get those rewards in addition to the large number of scams that surround these applications (sale of information to advertising channels. .etc) I had to quit. I also continued studying and found many more ways to generate passive income, is basically about what I talk in my profile, there is always an idea that can help you or open new doors to discover new worlds in the Defi markets, as I always say DYOR. Even so, congratulations on your achievements!, consistency plays an important role.

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There are other ways to earn other tokens. As you said, if we can earn sats easily then why not give it a try. I agree with you on faucets though. It is so difficult to collect and withdraw tokens without compromising your online integrity. They ask you to agree on so many terms. I do not think that's worth it.

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