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RE: 10 Things That Will Be Gone By 2035

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Funny you mention broadcast television, we actually cancelled our all-in one and switched to just internet and got a separate "tv" app subscription that just streams like netflix, disney whatever. Didn't watch much tv anymore anyway and this is way more convenient and less costly (big price hike at cable company).

Another thing is I still like a bit of casual gaming evey now and again but console prices are crazy these days. Got a Google stadia controller and Chrome cast to stream games from server so I don't have to deal with downloads, installation, equipment costs, defects, upgrades etc etc. It's not flawless at the moment and hardcore gamers probably won't be satisfied. But for someone who just wants to play a bit from time to time it's extremely convenient and rather cheap.

So my point is actually we might not actually be wearing a lot of computational power on our body but rather just enough to be able to communicate and connect with devices/servers/ the network something like that.

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There are a lot of advancements such as you mention. It seems like something small but when you consider it, they are really huge. And that is what causes industries to collapse overnight often.

The build up goes unnoticed but ends when things hit a point where margins are just crushed. When more money exits, the industry get weaker.

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