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RE: Some of my students could use your help (ideas for how to add value to the Hive community)

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I've got an idea for a curation system that is self-sustaining and largely automated and makes use of tokenomics. I've actually coded most of it and worked it out, but haven't implemented it for various reasons. But this is something your students could undertake. They don't have to worry about the actual coding, just outline the process of how it would be done.

Here's a quick and dirty version of my idea. They can run with it if they want.
Users in a community (or not; could just be the general hive community) nominate posts for curation. A bot collates all these nominations and presents them on a website for community curators to vote on. Nominating posts and voting transfers an amount of a novel token. Curators, voters, and winners of the curation voting (the person who made the post), all get awarded a certain amount of the token. Basically it's a curation competition to nominate the best content. The main curation account does a daily, weekly and monthly(?) post with the curation winners. Profits from those posts go into buying back the tokens from the voters/curators/winners.

While that sounds pretty simple, my idea was way more complex and intricate (I've actually just looked at my notes where I schemed it all out, and I can't understand it 😂 - this was from back in the Steem days). So there's certainly room for them to make it a bigger undertaking.


I think you've just described how Hive's proof of brain algorithm is designed anyway, to reward curation. A Layer 2 token with regular posts made to summarise the top performing posts would do what you are suggesting I think - it's pretty much what the layer 2 sites do anyway.

Yeah it's nothing too exceptional. The real challenge was trying to structure it so that the tokenomics was sustainable.

Pienso que si se crea una aplicacion para que los emprendedores puedan medir sus resultados en base al conocimiento adquirido y a la vez compartir ese aprendizaje . Existira una perfecta retroalimentacion

I have actually been conceptualizing a novel curation system as well. I would love to touch bases and see what it would take to get something like this actually implemented.

What is your preferred platform for DMs?

Hey mate, I'm on Discord as revo#9155, but I'm not well schooled as to how discord works, so not sure if you can contact me via that. Otherwise you can reply here. I'm not sure how much use I'll be, as it's been a couple of years since I last worked the idea and my notes make no sense to me now.. 😂

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