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RE: Stay frosty on security

in LeoFinance2 months ago

You can't underestimate the importance of security! I've thought about spreading my stake here across more accounts TBH - it would make sense!

I should buy another Trezor too TBH. Handy to have a back up for sure!


Yeah it would make sense and I might do the same as time wears on - but also, I like having it together too. I guess I could delegate from a "very cool" account to my main.

Pick another for sure. Just think, if the one you have dies now, you would have to order anther one and that can take weeks, especially with Covid nonsense.

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THat's what I was thinking of - delegating!

It might even make sense to move the whole lot to a cold account or two and delegate from that/ them.

I think I'll order a second Trezor when I do my monies at the end of the month!