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RE: SWAPPING crypto is SOOO much EASIER than exchanging Crypto | Read and be Inspired

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Funnily enough I just took the ETH-KOIN plunge myself today too!

Mining away too, which is entertaining, but I think the uniswap exchange is better value.

I decided to stake 70% of what I swapped to the liquidity pool as I want to make sure I've got at least some left in case all of that gets drained (but I wouldn't mind the ETH!)

I know what you mean about the team, it could be a winner going forwards.

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Great you plunged in as well.

Mining: well, I made 80% of my KOIN the first 12 to 24hrs for the cost of 0.1ETH. Another 0.1ETH spend on the 20% of KOIN I got last 4 days. Proof frequency now set to 1/day, since otherwise the cost of ETH tx is higher than the gain in KOIN with current market prices.

I may stop mining, and buy at the bottom. Saves me energy, and will make sure my laptops will last longer... And have no noise around; the fans going crazy at the moment :)

You know what? I really like the fact the team didn't keep some KOIN themselves. Also seen a few videos with team members discussion why they are in KOINOS. Nothing to do with money and get quick rich. But much more about adding value to the blockchain world. I really really hope they can deliver. Super when we have a blockchain which allows the implementation of all sort of things through smart contracts, rather than building the logic into the chain itself. Modularity is key, and KOINOS team seems to understand that. Even governance and consensus will be implemented in smart contracts! Better we can't get. The trick is security of the smart contracts though. They need to be developed super save, with super high level of security. Otherwise such approach is doomed.