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RE: Vote diversification - LeoFinance curators are upvoting how many authors on an average? ( Python codes )

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Awesome work!

I'd love to know my stats if yer offering!

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From 25th Feb to 4th March ( till 5 AM UTC ) -
106.86 is the total curation reward earned by @revise.leo,
You have got curation rewards by upvoting to 128 different posts/comments, 69 unique authors .

Sorry for the delay in replying .

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No worries about the time - I'm in the green pie I'll take that!

Be interesting to see this by votes on top level posts and votes on comments.

I'm sure I'm on votes to 60 odd authors because of comment voting mainly.

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Ah well right now the script doesn't differentiate between both . I will certainly take that into consideration the next time , is that okay?

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Hey that's cool - it's a great tool as it is, but it would be an awesome addition tooo!

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Definitely . If this weekend I find sometime I will implement that too :) Thanks for the advice.

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