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RE: Michael Burry (Big Short) Had Already Bet Huge on Gamestop + Robinhood Business Model + Censorship + HIVE DeFi + Other WallStreetBets Coverage

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I have seen "The Big Short" again today in homage to this week battle of main street vs. Wall Street. It is really interesting to review it again with recent environment. And I've heard from a lot of sources that the book is really good, so I really need to get it somewhere.
And yes, it will be a movie about this week happenings. We were here to witness it!

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I have not read the book. Moneyball (2011) is a movie based on another book by the same author. It is actually the reason I was hyped for and watched The Big Short (2015). Just keep in mind that Moneyball (2011) was not as great as The Big Short. It is still one of the best sports movies I have watched.

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Moneyball is a little masterpiece, the Brad Pitt character is fantastic. Probably, with Any Given Sunday, my two favourites sport movies.

I haven't seen the movie. Oliver Stone is one of my favorite directors. I will add Any Given Sunday to my list of movies to watch.