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Name --------------------- Description ------------------ Release date Content sharing website ------ Finished
Serey Market Place (web)-- Online marketplace ----------- Finished dApp ------------ dApp for iOS and Android ----- Finished
Serey Wallet Web --------- Crypto Wallet for web -------- Finished
Serey Wallet dApp -------- Crypto Wallet for iOS & Android ------- Early September, 2020
Serey Suor --------------- Q&A platform ----------------- Finished
Serey Lottery ----------- Lottery ----------------------- Half finished (on hold, low priority)
Serey DEX -------------- Crypto exchange --------------- Finished (need to polish)

Let's discuss in detail

  1. >> People have already started working on the Seri site. People are posting here every day and it is possible to earn good money. Visit for details

  2. Serey Market Place (web) >> You can Buy/Sell your product with Serey Coin.If i want to talk about the marketplace, I can't end it. I like this marketplace the most. available in the marketplace.
    Visit for details marketplace

  3. dApp >> If you search the Play Store by typing Serey, you will get Serey apps.

  4. Serey Wallet Web >> If you enter the Serey site, you will see the option to download the wallet above.

  5. Serey Wallet dApp >> Although Serey Android apps are expected to be released by September 2020, they have not been released yet. We hope to get out very soon

  6. Serey Suor >> I learned another new thing on the Serey platform. Simply put, you can earn money through "questions and answers". Which is called, SEREY SOUR

  7. Serey Lottery >> The Serey Lottery provides people a chance to taste their luck. It’s an easy-to-play gaming application. All bets and outcomes are placed on the blockchain for full transparency. This numberlottery game is very popular in Asia.

  8. Serey DEX >> Crypto exchange >> On the Serey DEX, you can trade many different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS,
    and multiple stablecoins such as bit.USD, bit,CNY and bit.EUR. It’s been developed with developers from BitShares, and like the Serey platform has a high processing rate of transactions per second.
    Confirmation times happen in 1.5 seconds on average, and it processes over 3,300 trx/s. This makes Serey DEX one of the fastest blockchain-based exchanges in the world

All information is taken from the White Paper

White Paper

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