Hive-Engine Market Value of Blurt

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I think the market price of BLURT is going very low at the present time. Because I check the hive-engine at least once a day. To see which coin has better market value. The picture you are seeing shows that the market value of BLURT in hive-engines is declining day by day. I think the market value of any coin will decrease once and increase again.

blurt 1111111.JPG

If we all work with BLURT then very quickly the market value will be good.

I also think that the BLURT will rise higher from its current position. Can't have a good position in any coin market. Coin value is good when the coin is listed in the market.

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Are you a regular on blurt?

How well do your posts do there?

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yes i am regular.
Hope every post has 50+ blur
you can follow my post

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