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RE: How much is the Phish?

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I had someone hit me with a phishing text once, early in the morning right as I was waking up. It was amazing the timing on when it was sent, almost like they were watching me wake up. Long story short, I clicked on a link that looked legit to my groggy self and promptly realized after I had entered my password, which was rejected, that I had been successfully phished. I woke right the fuck up and ran into my office to change my password. Probably took less than 2 minutes between when I entered the password on the phishing site and changed the password on that account. I got there in time and they didn't get into my account luckily, but whew was that close. I remember Cliff High saying he got hit with a credible phishing attack on the same morning from a source in the Philippines. I checked the whois on the link and it was also from the Philippines, so may have been the same one being blasted out to crypto enthusiasts. Goes to show that no matter how good your security measures are, there's always the human vulnerability factor. Need to stay ever-vigilant against social engineers.


Human vulnerability is probably the biggest threat to security. Our memories are bad and we aren't always on our best game. I am glad that you were able to get in time as it would suck to get drilled for being sleepy.

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