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You are in a unique situation where your max supply is exactly how many tokens you promise to print and will not be issuing tokens manually (hopefully).

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Well i'm sure the pob project may have some legit participants in it and i found some of you around here questionable at best and it seems to be a hierarchy of you here that could easily collude. Vitalik has sounded off on your project here as not what he'd term decentralization. Whether you're talking about 20 witnesses or 100.. some of us in this space recognize those situations as a security risk.. although "some of you" may be trusted by certain community members you all form conclaves with. Most in crypto don't recognize this type approach as decentralization. The problem is that anyone is in the position to make changes we don't want at all.

I do think though that opens up a bigger topic of what decentralization is. I think it's a myth at best. I categorize decentralizion in several categories all in which you all fail. The first one is decentralization of developers next miners, exchanges.. and wealth.

Let's break it down so you all understand just how far off you are. developers.. funded developers vs unfunded or just same groups of developers if they dominate a project or network thats not decentralization. You seem to be in everything marky mark but not just picking on you guys this is also a problem in bitcoin.

Miners Vitalik doesn't like the idea you all got the 20 witnesses he doesn't feel that satisfies decentralization and i rather agree with him. exchanges.. At this stage we use centralized exchanges at a rate of 95%. Last is wealth. .we know money runs this place you often times brag about it lol.. So i dont think we have to state the obvious about the decentralization of wealth lol.

I do make one other clarification and correction.. The categories i used weren't made up by me. it was created by a world reknown economist by the name of Roubini and that's how he decentralizes networks. Now many in crypto see him as not someone they favor however i find truth often times comes first from your biggest critics.

The issue of lack of decentralization in these hive projects are complex ones and ones i don't think will be solved because i believe decentralization is a myth.. However.. if i had to pick one system to use.

it would be more like the beginning of electroneum. They found the solution was in allowing charities to mine the coins to decentralize the network. They called this the (POR), Proof of Responsibility algo. Now it is obviously very possible for a collection of charities to steal and to be corrupt and not trustworthy lol.

However in a space that depends alot on trust of the teams that create and run projects to a great degree it makes sense. Unfortunately the levels of greed and crony capitalistic like methods and levels you all willing to go in this space i'd find it hard to trust any of you.

I guess i occupy a unique space being a ubi project who gives the network to the people. Sure people could believe i'm out to scam them but its kinda hard for ubi projects to do that successfully seeing that they are giving away the network and all lol. So some go well ubi projects won't make any money well.. there is something funny in a currency and i'll let you in on a little secret. Currencies have the same value at $1 that they have at $1 million lol. .I'm going ot let you figure out what little puzzle of why that is lol.

Your systems are imploding and you sitll not listening. We know that though because we've seen what not listening has got us at the rank of a 200 place coin .. good job. UBI projects sound alot like those charitable organizations that mine tokens under the proof of responsibility model. Afterall who would believe a charity thats not a for profit business like your projects are.. would steal from the people.. I find that hard to believe marky mark .. haha....

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What rank is bitcoinmyk?

I got a better question for you mr smarty pants.. since we've seen where your smarts have got hive. Which project has the best chance of getting 100 million users? I'll let you sit on that lol

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Not Bitcoinmyk, what’s that have 2?

You're funny Marky Mark and you think you're going to embarrass me..You're wrong its going to backfire.. I want you to look at the comment section of this video about bitcoin myk.. I want you to count every wallet you can see in the comment section... then i want you to return and ask me that question again sir lol.

You're dealing with something you don't understand.... but you will

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Nah, I’m good.

A youtube video can't harm you sir.. haha.. as i said your days are numbered Marky Mark in this project and we'll save hive through us but not through you and only through us is it going to matter.. I'll give you that Cz and coinmarketcap don't yet recognize our tremendous contribution to cryptocurrency and after his leveraged token fiasco i'm sure he got bigger things to worry some communities.. don't recognize us yet.. don't have a clue .. "gets angry and serious" BUT THEY WILL!

afterall Marky Marky " things change".. and you're a kite now dancing in a hurricane

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I agree but your tribe is also in a unique position. Other tribe owners can issue and won’t likely be noticed as there is so much noise. It would be very easy to spot a pob issuance outside of reward pool.

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There is a way for proofofbrainio to make it so he can't issue any more coins, an option no one I've seen has mentioned yet...that is to delete your passwords from your computer/system so that it is a "lost account." In this way, no one will ever be able to issue new tokens...again, you'd have to trust the person saying they deleted the info.

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The password is still available to ScotBot and the Hive Engine team as they use it to issue the reward pool.

There is as much trust that someone that someone truly deleted the keys (impossible to confirm) as there is hoping they won’t print more tokens to their own benefit.

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There's always poison...wait...that might not work either...

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