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RE: Technological Chasm & The Great Divide: I'm here live; I'm not a cat.

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My friend had a job teaching old people how to use their iPhones and computers (they don't use Windows or Android: too complex).

Maybe twenty years ago (I think I was in my mid-40’s at the time), my mom (about 70 then) decided that she wanted to get a computer. I tried to talk her into getting a Mac since it would be easier for her, but she got a Windows-based computer “on sale” somewhere.

So I became her default tech support.

I was never able to convince her that storing files somewhere other than the desktop might be a good idea. Try as I might, she never really understood the concept of folders, let alone a hierarchy of them.

And then one day she bought a printer and decided to set it up herself. After struggling with it for several hours, called me for help. Her over-the-phone explanation of her woes made little sense so I ended up making the 30-minute drive to my parents’s house. (My dad was even less computer savvy).

Um, mom. Your computer’s plugged in and working fine. Your printer’s plugged in and working fine. Where’s the cable that connects them? Oh, still in the box?

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