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Strange but something did happened to my desktop this afternoon. Getting ready to post and then internet was gone. PC is fine but no access to the worldwide web. The problem was browser based. I still can open and close windows.
At the end it was a mining virus around 4:55 pm. I do have an anti-virus but still it got through.
#Brave browser was dead, I mean all browsers was non responsive. At the time I was verifying a website in the making.
Hard to tell when I caught it cause I was checking a website in the making.
Somehow they knew before I suspected virus.

I did the easy step of restoring windows to a earlier date. Chrome works but not Brave. I did check email in the meantime and the company I work for advised me to reinstall windows. What a headache


Gladly I still can write my post through my iPhone.
Stable coin USDC is upgrading their token to minimize gas fees on Ethereum network. This will enable people to move USDC without paying the fees and added security on their blockchain.

Circle and Coinbase are the two that use USDC the most.
It is a lot easier to use fiat and purchase USDC where you pay almost no fees. Then you send it for other exchanges to trade.
I used it that way to purchase #hive to minimize fees.
So far if you want speed #blocktrades is the quickest way to go.
There is a price as well if speed is what you want.

I don’t mind from time to time to go the long way and get a bit more #hive a long the way. The steps are quite a time space.


Hive has zero fees to use the blockchain. Unless you are new, all you need is hive power that will give you resources credit. From that point you can post, upvote, comment , transact, play games many times a day. The ability of this blockchain to deliver all these in three second is mind blowing.

Hive did take care of this issue a while back. I keep asking myself why are we still going mainstream ?
Actually we are. We are gaining experience to be ready so we can tackle more issues down the line.
The community is strong in that aspect.

I have nothing against USDC. We need it to transact in and out of the blockchain. Glad that blocktrades does
have in our disposal. Affordability will come in due time.
Hive could be well serve a market where you don’t have to wait to get a confirmation.
For the meantime if you are in an area where USDC can serve you, use it to accumulate more Hive.
You can use it as well to sell hive.
We are ahead of the pack.
Be safe and be ready to HPUD.

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Informative post.. i didnt know about USDC . The speed of hive transaction is mindblowing and the fact that one doesn't need to bother about transaction fee. XRP has speed too but there are still transaction fees .
Hive us definitely going far. All we need is prepare for adoption.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend?

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This nugget proves truly
we are ready for adoption.
Believe me we will move crypto mountains.

It really is phenomenal that we're able to transact at such speeds

Most took it for granted.
Trying to send btc you have to wait
a while.