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When you account for the amount of debt each government has, you may wonder to digest when this debt will be fulfill. The idea of fulfillment has a disparate attitude to be displaced for the next generation. It does not matter who control the economy, but the game cat and mouse will never subsisted for ever. A time will come when the reset button will be pushed and what we used to cherish may no longer viable to us. Gradually Bitcoin made a shift the other day around $9k. This is not a strange phenomena knowing how this blockchain works. It is actually a blessing in disguise telling us what is actually happening in real time. We the people are the value behind any crypto market. Price rises with demand and falls through immense sale. It is always predictable to see when it will happen sort of. Surely it will not demise the adoption of cryptocurrency. This bring us to all the altcoins you have out there. No middle man and the system is run 24/7.

The demarcation of fiat to crypto is a long term event. I hope not we do not see any drastic measure to switch from fiat to crypto. Pure chaos and it will make no sense long term. We are bound to reveal the value in the fiat currency that you use daily.

Crypto has the mechanism to enrich all communities who understand its value proposition. You can find the concept of first come first serve. You can find the idea of building block to establish a stronger ecosystem.
#Hive always comes to mind cause we are bind with principles. There is no quick rich scam running a true decentralized blockchain.
The community apparatus serves one purpose. So far we have to share this secret sauce with you.
We found the real ingredients behind this community.
We are all benevolent #hivers, offering our precious time to make this honeycomb a better place.
You name it from witnesses, investors, curators, bloggers and so forth.
As long you play by the principles to maintain the integrity of the blockchain, we are elevate ourselves
for greater good. It has been more than four year the social media platform has been change and #hive is focus to make it a norm.

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The valid case of crypto has been defined recently by the growth of #defi. I think this form can be implemented in any blockchain as long as there is a need for it. The rate of interest in these days suggest where we are heading. In order to maintain status quo the debt ratio has been swept under the mat.
Long time ago you can retire just from high interest rate but now it is impossible to even think that way.
This avenue appointed by crypto currency opens so many eyes where we see the rise of a token like @compound.
Again gaming the system resolves from the drop wee see recently.

Everyday there is a notion we share with the world. It is in continuous motion that validate the need of spreading the wealth equitably. Lately I do not hear the word where only 5% of the world population knows about #bitcoin. It is irrelevant at this time. Hopefully the use case will grow and more people will find ways to make it easy for the masses.
Thanks to the advancement with technology and internet, crypto has been a common name among many.
For the time being accumulate the tokens that will get you there.

I wish to see the blockchain with fast transaction like #hive to elevate the conversation.
There are many that can fill the gap. I see #tezos as an alternative to change the market.
I am not sure for #btc since it takes forever to validate.
#Ltc is another option. The priority of the blockchain will serve as underline for the use case everyday.
Needless to say #hive has potential to grow and fill the need.
It is up to us to validate and grow a token like #hive.
Respectfully we need an array of tokens to grow and share the diversity.
The opportunity is ahead of us.
A seamless transition will mark the beginning to an end for conventional currencies.
To define your place, be an #hodler

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The use case is a return to the way money used to be. A public ledger and freedom of choice. Not controlled by government.