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RE: Amazon Buying MGM For Whopping $8.45 Billion

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I heard the news yesterday but I could not make of what company Amazon
wanted to buy.
I use Prime everyday and you get a discount at Wholefoods with Prime.
I watch quite a few shows and it will be a plus since TV Programming
is changing everyday now.
I do not see why I have to pay for a Netflix when I hardly watch TV
and I get Prime video with Prime service.


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whoa wait, Prime membership gets a discount at whole foods? I had no idea, I mean I remember Amazon bought whole foods a while ago but didnt know there' was a discount. I live in massive city but actually dont have a whole foods in my neighborhood. I prefer it this way, there's actually very little chains here, mostly mom and pop shops and you cant say that for 99% of this city,...but doesn't mean that I wouldn't look into having whole foods delivered.

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