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All of a sudden the appetite to stay current in everyday Apple
has changed for me. I do hold some shares and lately the value
had been eroded due to drop to tech companies stocks in general.
Having new products did not help Apple and their stocks into the positive.

At first I was not a fan of Apple products. My first iPhone was the model 3G
and so forth. Till now I do use Apple products due to their ease of use. Very simple
to the touch and they deliver as promise, this is Apple basic service for its users.
Apart from that they are pricey to the bone.

I am still using windows PC. I am thinking about making this leap to the mac family.
Overall using Apple products is all about less cumbersome and focus on customer experience.
I am trying to fix an Apple 8+ with issue. The phone kept rebooting by itself. The technician
shows me a site where they are selling everything you can find inside the phone. I am telling
you every little pieces when you see they take the phone apart.
The market for second hand iPhone is alive.

It could be the same for high end Android as well. Apple stocks is trading right now at the opening of the bell
$113+. I did purchase way high at $118. I am confident it should surpass this threshold to reach the max
of $126. So far the fans are getting their shipments of Iphone 12 and pro. More people are looking to purchase the pro
due to better quality camera and HDR.

Watching MKBHD lately, he said if you want iPhone 12, just go with the regular cause
you get almost similar tech and better screen all over. 5G should not be the reason
to get the new iPhone. In my case I already sold my 11 pro max so I am without my phone
and patiently waiting to get the new one.


As the graph shows it is a cascading effect for the stock. Hopefully after the closing bell
Apple will present its case and we will see if the effect of August 31st will repeat. This time
they will not have the number for iPhone 12 due to new release.

Hodling Apple shares for me is to see if I can catch the same wave like 2007. If you had invested
$1000 in Apple then and re-invest the dividend. By now you will be sitting in $30k. Not bad for taking the
risk and witness the big drop in 2008 and see it rebound in 2012 and be so happy with the two split.
This is in a nutshell the pleasure of investing. Timing has to be incroyable.

I am not hoping for any surprises but Apple can deliver like they always do.
Just have to wait and see what will happen again.
Be safe and keep the investment light bulb bright.

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I guess the iPhone 12 comes with that hike in demand and it's nice to see you can really sell your old iPhone. Buying iPhone here can be a hassle as original ones are amongst fake ones. So what's your budget for the new 12 Pro? Or are you waiting for the price to reduce a little.

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I sold my 11 pro max for a good price.
I did not intend to make a huge profit.
I sold it to a family member since they cannot afford a new one cash and it gives me the opportunity
to go after the new one. It is like a win win for both of us.
Since I am with big red I will put a good amount down
payment and I will pay the rest monthly.
I am also invest in Apple stock and I intend to keep my shares for now and see
if it is beneficial in the long run.

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