Hey! do you think your BTCs and your crypto wallet passwords are secure? Uhm well, think again!!

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Ouch! it's not to alarm you. Because although I think you already knew or at least suspected. There is no such thing as secure and infallible passwords in this digital world in the blockchain or anywhere else for that matter. Since in the world of science, physics, mathematics, technology, cryptography and decryption, advances and discoveries move by leaps and bounds. So, let's check this out!

I suppose you already have been hearing, for some time now, about quantum computers and the formidable threat that they represent nowadays of making highly vulnerable the entire wide range of cryptographic encryption algorithms under which usually all kinds of security keys and passwords are protected in the field of conventional computing. And here right now, is when everything begins to come true.

Cryptographic algorithms are used mainly for important tasks such as data encryption, authentication, security and digital signatures, but one problem has to be solved to enable these algorithms: binding cryptographic keys to machine or user identities. And here is where the story that I bring to collation comes in.

Today, I am not going to provide details or describe in depth how these cryptographic algorithms work. Because if you are now reading this article and you are able to do it from home through your phone, your laptop or desktop PC. Then you are supposed to already know everything related to cryptography, the security of your keys, passwords and access codes to protect and manage your digital stuff and whatnot right? And if you didn't know, then you'll always be in time to click on any colorful phrase you find in this article to learn a little bit more about how this thing work. Because this will be rather a short post and I will try to go straight to the point.

Will Quantum Computing Destroy Bitcoin, Blockchain Tech and Cryptocurrency in general in the near future? Do you wonder if quantum computing will destroy all or many of these useful and amazing emerging technologies?

Well, until recently that remained to be seen in light of the declassified information that had reached the public eye through the behemoths of Google claiming to have reached quantum supremacy or IBM that also claimed the same.

The former with their now ancient 65-qubit Sycamore & 72-qubit Bristlecone while the second with their previous 65-qubit Hummingbird and now supposedly the leader in the field, The Eagle at 127 qubits. Hey! but are just they the only actors in this research and development? Oh no! Of course not. Both may be the main and best known institutions and exponents in these studies and research in the United States only. But there are also many other institutions and even universities in the United States also doing the same thing. Yeah! click the picture below and keep reading.

Quantum Computing R&D

Yeah! there are at least Top 18 institutions leading Quantum Computing Research in 2022 in the US that we know so far. But, ¿what about others in the same country that are not talked about much and already seem to have dethroned both the supremacy of IBM and Google? Wouldn't you suppose that should be many more that we don't know anything about yet? Yeah, those who are more in bed with the Military Industrial Complex and the US government? Is that even a possibility? };)

And what about other research institutions in other countries outside of the United States? Like by instance, the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), who claim to have built two quantum computers that are more powerful than Google’s. With one of them being the 113-qubit Jiuzhang 2.0 and the other quite more complex and faster? And again, what about many other countries?

¿Or Quantum Computing Companies & Research Labs?

Oh yeah, and that's not even mentioning multiple other well-known and unknown companies that already offer software-as-a-service (SaaS) quantum computing platforms to anyone who can pay for such services from anywhere in the world.

Which for that matter, I am going to highlight only two that are the ones that have just surpassed a milestone in the industry and the reason for this post. And both, curiously Canadian companies. As to try to leave everything at home here in the Americas. Yes, everything there pretty close and next door to Uncle Sam. Tsk Tsk.

The first, D-Wave Systems which is a Canadian company that was one of the first to deliver real-time cloud access to quantum computing resources, and remains a leader in the field. And that they recently announced their brand new 1000-qbit D-Wave 2x quantum computer that promises to revolutionize the field of quantum computing in the world.

The second one, the also Canadian company and startup Xanadu which has an impressive claim in the quantum computing world. Since it is offering the very first photonics-based quantum computing platform available through the cloud.

With their state-of-the-art qubits hardware unique architecture known by the name Borealis and the one that according to their most recent announcement on internet was the one that inspired the creation of this post.

¡Check it out!

Then, before such picturesque and threatening panorama. Are you gonna take asap the appropriate measures and will you take care in advance of the security of the BTC & ETH keys and Hive passwords of your crypto wallets to safeguard and conserve your hard earned tokens in the near future or not? ¿Yes? ¿No? ¿Maybe?

Yeah I thought so. Let's then listen some funky music now to calm down us a bit, before it occurs to me or someone else to hire the services of Xanadu and their Borealis powerful quantum computer "in the cloud" from some obscure basement anywhere in the world to crack the code and going after your precious tokens.

QHack 2022

Oh yeah, lest it suddenly seem much more profitable to me or to others to join the next QHack or hire a bit of time at Borealis and try to furtively snatch your coins instead of creating content of this type in the social network in the blockchain to be able to eat. Hahahaha

"QHack 2022: Prize Summary"

In any case, and if you have really read all this that I have written here today. Along with what you should have read too if you have clicked on all the links that I have left throughout this post. Please, let us know what your precautionary measures are or will be before everything explodes. Because one never knows if hunger and need arrives sooner than expected. And as the saying goes: "A cautious man is worth two!"

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My tinnitus mellows the alarm bells, but doesn't turn them off😖
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After reading this, I am convinced that we all need to take all possible measures to keep our tokens safe. Thanks for sharing