"Enlightened Despotism - A self-deception society"

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"The basic principle of all change is questioning what we believe, and that's what scares us"

"I mean, I can't change if I hang on to what I believe"

"And therefore, in a certain sense, or symbolically, I have to die. My outlook of life has to die in order to improve"

«-Prime Reflection-»

Balance - Equilibrio

"El principio básico de todo cambio es cuestionar lo que creemos, y es eso lo que nos asusta"

"Es decir, yo no puedo cambiar manteniendo lo que creo"

"Y por lo tanto, en cierto sentido o de un modo simbólico, tengo que morir. Mi visión de la vida tiene que morir en función de mejorar.

To wonder too openly or intensely, about the meaning of life sounds like a peculiar, ill-fated and unintentionally comedic pastime. It isn’t anything an ordinary mortal should be doing or would get very far by doing.

A select few might be equipped to take on the task and discover the answer in their own lives. But such ambition isn’t for most of us. Meaningful lives are for extraordinary people. By instance: Great saints, artists, scholars, scientists, doctors, activists, explorers, national leaders and people like that.

If ever we did discover the meaning, it would, we suspect, in any case be incomprehensible. Perhaps written in Latin or in computer code. It wouldn’t be anything that could orient or illuminate our activities. Without always acknowledging it, we are in the background operating with a remarkably ungenerous perspective on the meaning of life.


Once again on a weekend, I come to you with a very nourished and dense content to consume & digest. Probably with more information than necessary. Although it may not seem so due to the apparent textual brevity in the length of this post.

But believe me that it is and can be longer and more substantial than it seems, if you really commit to consuming it as is due. Because I still insist on affirming that it is precisely on #weekends that we have more free time to consume important content that invites us to reflect in a calmer and more relaxed way.

The main subject of this post is the Education System and its influence on the current state of things around the world. Obviously this is just one perspective. Maybe my own perspective. But for this same reason is that I have created it and I share it with you to know your opinion on the matter.

It is evident that the world we know has changed and continues to change fast. And at the accelerated rate at which technological, scientific and intellectual advances occur in human beings. At the same time we also begin to individually be more aware every day of our role in society in relation to our political, labor, economic, financial, ecological and pure survival participation on the planet.

It is nowadays more than clear that the first and most urgent thing that needs to be changed and improved asap is our current obsolete Education System. Given the already perceptible and brazen omnipresence of robotics and artificial intelligence in our workplaces and the imminent displacement of us humans in this field. Those of us who once functioned as the robots and artificial intelligence of the past.

Therefore, before the imminent decline of the current value system in the present society. The current paradigm of the educational system is precisely the root and origin of all the evils that have led us to the situation in which we find ourselves today. And therefore, the first that must be reinforced, improved and renewed.

This "long" documentary is spoken in Spanish. But you can find subtitles in a wide variety of languages just by activating the function in the player bar. Just as you can do the same in all the videos that I have included in this article. Fortunately, each has a large number of languages available in their subtitles to be understood and digested by all of you in most parts of the world.

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Starting out from the very top and consuming all the content; Read, click, watch, feeling the truth, read, click watch, feeling more truth, read.... and then 1hrs YT...skipped for later...and again the same circle, but now 2.5hrs documentary. My promise is, these stay open in the browser, I simply have to watch them. But the weekend has passed, the week started, and trying to balance life tonight.

On the education system: I assume you mean the schools and all? Likely, though I don't know that system too well anymore. But part of that 'system' must also be the culture of how parents and others in our circles are showing us what they value in life. And that is quite often not what results in finding balance in life. So yes, I agree with you.

To your next post now... or I should say: back to your next post since it was that one that brought me here :)

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