Century XXI ¿confusion between two dystopias?


Yeah! I know the world is an authentic mess. And the mess seems even more notorious during these last years and worsening even more in these recent days. ¿Isn't it?

Uhmph, it seems to be so notorious that even Google doesn't hide it either huh? How could they hide it if everything is in plain sight of everyone? ¿Correct?

Well, exactly thirteen days ago (for those who believe in numerology) I already wrote something related to the subject that I am going to develop today. And that at the time I wrote it (13 days ago), it was all because of an article I had read written by @jackmiller that prompted me to write such ugly things like that. So, it was all his fault for making me think, investigate and dig even deeper into these ugly things.

So, I am totally innocent. ¡Like a little bouncy bird in grass!

However, a couple of days ago, it happened again. But no, nope, this time jackmiller was not to blame for what you are about to read. This time it was because of three different #Hivenauts that I frequently have the habit of consuming their content.

Two old Hivenauts with just over 5 years in the blockchain and the other with just over 4 years wandering around here too. All three quite well known by you.

But the curious thing of all, is that none of them had inspired me before to write a post as ugly and horrifying as the one you are about to read right away.

Check them out! I'm not going to name them by their username, but throughout this article I'll leave links to their terribly inspiring posts scattered around my content, so you can blame them later where it belongs. I'm just a lil bouncy bird in grass, you know?

In that old article from 13 days ago, I talked more or less about the same subject to make you think with which I will try to make you think again today. Only that in that one, I focused and concentrated my tirade a bit more on another different tangent of the same matter with which I will deal with today. ¡So you are already warned!

Alright! let's start with the coven!

The first of the alarming posts I read last night was this one. However, I stayed calm and undeterred. Since what its author raises there, is something well known for all of us and we all have been closely watching its frank evolution for some time now.

But then, after a while, I stumbled upon the post of this other old Hivenaut. Which for that moment and after having read and digested the previous post, the thing began to disturb me a little bit. However, I still stayed quiescent and quiet.

And last, just a few hours ago, I stumbled upon the article of the younger Hivenaut of the three which definitely prompted me to write this post with which I hope you get your batteries on and start to analyze a little more deeply the shituation in which we all are immersed at this very moment. ¡Because I think it's time to do it!

And when three jolly old Hivenauts coincide in starting posting ugly stuff like this at the same time, this can't be pure fluke. Something more serious must be happening in the world than what we've been seeing out there lately. So, let's see!!

¡And this is my take on it!

Oh! but first of all, let's publish the first videos in this whole story to put ourselves more in context of what I would like us to analyze further regarding the options and alternatives that we have between these possible dystopias. ¿Okay?

«-Own Nothing, Have Everything-»

¿Can you "rent" everything you need in life?

Hell yeah! they say you CAN!

As you can see, the young lady in the first video seems to be an incurable optimist. And there will be many around here who'd suspect that her way of thinking is just because she is already plugged in with the elite and her plug will stay connected in there indefinitely. Well, I don't know about you, but I am a defensive pessimist.

¿From where the hell does this girl think we're going to get tha do$h in the future to simply have the luxury to order stuff online and wait until a freaking drone arrive flying unto our door or window so it drop the rented packages without protest? ¿Huh? She don't seem to have mentioned any of that in her lecture. ¿Am I right?

Well, and better not even to mention the other two videos that I suppose many of you had already seen them before and there is not much more to add. ¿TRUE?

Alright! so, let's end this ugly post with my own take on the matter.

Your ability to own anything is bad for business, because if you have the legal right to own something, then what you own can't be sold to you, since you already have it. It is much better for business if you pay for everything on an as-needed basis. Whenever you want something, you pay for it, but you never own it as a product which you've bought. ¡You can only rent it!

Businesspeople hate home ownership, because it's bad for business. The wealthy would rather buy up a lot of real estate and then make huge profits by renting those properties to tenants who are forced to rent since they can't afford the high sale prices of real estate which have been artificially inflated through their purchase by the elite. Businesspeople hate consumer ownership of anything, because it's bad for business.

The thing is that business in general would like you to own nothing. The whole point was not to say that you should own nothing, but rather that that is likely to be the direction which things take, simply based on how the global economy is evolving these days. ¿Decentralization anyone?

And well, it will be better if I don't continue giving my own opinion here, lest I get voluptuous & horny. Not to say furious and wild. Because today is Friday and Fridays are already very close to #weekends, which are the days when I try to make you think more, deeper and better. ¿Or am I wrong? Tsk Tsk };)

Nonetheless, I will say goodbye right here and leave you with one last thought. Yes, just to remove the bitter taste from your mouths with a post as ugly as this one.

¿It's Ok To Be Fat If You Live In America?

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