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RE: Today I got old, I finally decided to write a letter. Dear Samsung...

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I use a Note 20 Ultra and am cautious about upgrading for the same reasons, without the stylus i will switch brands to find a brand that has a dedicated stylus or interaction device on a 2D plane. I might even just get a 3D mouse for my PC and go 3D if Samsung makes their devices for flatlanders again. 2D is for simpletons with less than 3 firing synapses.


Exactly! I don't like to change a perfectly good phone, but I also need my phone always at 100% and with the latest. I would actually upgrade more often if they would only keep the features I need. I need that flat-flat screen.

I don't like the curved edges at all, I wish they would stop this nonsense and make a solid flat panel that is strong as can be so it never breaks