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RE: Cross-Rollup Ethereum NFT Liquidity Solution by Immutable X & StarkNet

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I tried something like that called ZK Rollips, but the fees were higher than ETH making it a laughable joke more socthab a usable service.


This is the solution. Zk-rollups are very useful for handing transactions without touching Ethereum layer 1. Immutable is making rollups cross-compatible.

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Well I don't use blockchains that have a fee over $0.01 and would prefer the fee to be 0, so I hope someone figured that out so we can cut all the middlemen out of our banking system.

I'm tired of the MitM banking model, I don't care if it's a miner, a staker or a algorithm, I want to send money instantly and don't care what someone else thinks about that, the other perspns views shouldn't effect that transaction in anyway either.