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RE: Favorite DeFi Projects, Newly Spotted Passive Income Sources and a Lot More - DeFi Projeleri, Pasif Gelir kaynakları ve Daha Fazlası (English - Turkish)

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Thanks for the mention of the @liotes project! We are happy to have you with us!

Also, you did a great job with this re-cap post about different options for earning passive income on HIVE... I didn't notice that COM token started with the distribution of dividends, so that's a nice surprise too... I will have to check how it works for me and maybe stronger my position! :)

Thanks for sharing this data! Very helpful post!


I am glad to hear that you found my post helpful. I also have learned a lot of things through your posts. I love Liotes. Thank you for this great project! I wish you a lot of success!!!


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