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RE: Technology Outpacing Responsibility

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Technology has really improved alot,we don't need human beings to work on our farms ,or offices since there are robots who can make the work easier for us,I dont think technology requires a governance system.


How in your opinion would AI decide what to do though? I mean would they do things that benefit us or benefit themsleves or benefit the world as a whole or weight up the 3 abs make the best compromise?

Personally, I wouldn't want someone to make AI that advanced. I'd prefer that human beings create machines with simple functions. If you wanna deal with the annoyances of a failsafe (stop if an object is in front of you, for example), go for it. If you don't, tell people to be careful because it won't stop for anything. If a machine is starting to make judgement calls (self-driving cars, for example; that seems too complicated for my taste), I think it needs a downgrade.

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I'm also confused on that one and how it affects humans as we so hell-bent on removing personal responsibility and judgment from life and we essentially become useless. If we don't exercise those things like taking responsibility or making judgment calls we don't learn and are worse off. I think technology has its place but we're looking to solve problems that I don't see as problems