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RE: Privacy Settings on Google and Facebook that You Should Know

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Good Tips.

In today's world, privacy is much like a luxury, it can even happen that some state security agencies become suspicious when a person tries hard to cover their steps and erase their tracks, after all, if you try hard to Being anonymous you start to look suspicious.

It also happens that we can simply have the desire not to be bombarded with advertising focused on our "target", but on the other hand, by not providing information about these things we may miss some content that could be of interest to us ... as I see, it is a complicated game between what we earn and what we lose in terms of privacy and use of our data, being that the addition and subtraction account will never be entirely satisfactory.


It is complicated. But I think the essence of it lies in awareness and consent. I am ok to provide information, but I want to know why my info is needed and how will they be used. I also want explicit consent to be sought. I also want to be able to retract my consent anytime with my data deleted. I think this is basically GDPR 🙂

The way I see the current internet is that there is no way foolproof way to tell if a company is fulfilling their privacy promises. Unless I can have all my data encrypted with my own key, there really is no true privacy.