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RE: Adding wealth to the intrinsic value of your owned NFTs

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We are curious why you are using the topic-tag #peakd ... this post doesn't seem to actually about so we are confused why it's using that hashtag. Let us understand your thinking behind using that TOPIC tag.

If it's because you posted with there really isn't a reason to use that topic... we already denote which posts were created via without needing to use one of your limited topic tags.

If you're doing it to get views I will let you know the analytics do not support that theory it's really just one person... Just ME that looks at the page for this topic.

Anyway just curious as we would personally prefer to only see posts that talk about PeakD use the TOPIC tag #peakd


Honestly? I generally do not understand how topics relate to front ends. I don't quite understand which front ends i should push what content, what's allowed or frowned upon. I've asked a few people what I should publish where, but I don't quite fully grasp how topics relate to front ends.

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Understandable ... let me share a few thoughts.

A topic-tag is used for HIVE in general. It's a way to help any and all posts be categorized. Generally it's for TOPICS... but can be used by some projects to help do other things.

There are some 3rd parties that use these tags to categorize for their own interfaces. For example LeoFinance's whole entire system seems to hinge on a topic-tag #leo if i'm not mistaken. Basically they have said all posts about FINANCE should use that tag and then they have created an entire website dedicated to showing those posts. (I hope i have that correctly)

PeakD is the most used website on HIVE and we do not have a topic-tag like that... we just show EVERYTHING that is on HIVE.

I hope this helps.

That does help. Thank you. I've been pushing more finance related content towards LeoFinance since it is in the name. But for things like Peakd or ProofOfBrain I had no idea.

Oh and I use Peakd probably the most as my front end, so kudos to a sleek site!