Web3 - Blockchain for Content Creators and Consumers

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You are invited to the Global Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Trading Community meetup.

When: Fri 14th May
Time: 8pm (GMT+1)
Where: Please RSVP on Meetups.com


Web3 offers an alternative way to do things online. It is a web for the people. A web where the content creator and the content consumer are no longer the product. A web that is decentralized and free from the shackles and control of a few multinational corporations.

At this meetup, Paula will be speaking about web3. As a content creator, Paula knows only too well the woes of web2 and has spent a number of years exploring and implementing some of the options with web3, from earning cryptocurrency for her content to rewarding readers of her blog with tokens.

Web3 is still in its infancy but it gives content creators, and consumers a new way to be innovative. So join us on Friday for an evening that promises to be informative and fun.

You will need to RSVP for this event and once you RSVP the zoom link will become available, you do not need a zoom code.


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