Join us today at The Crypto Lounge - Blockchain and Crypto Chat!

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Come along to The Crypto Lounge for our second meetup where we will be discussing all things Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.


The Crypto Lounge will be a place for a guided informal chat. This Last week saw a dip in the market, will the dip continue, or will we see an uptick? What will be the big gainers and losers? Had you taken profits before this dip? What projects are you scoping on right now? Do you have a hot coin you would like to share? I do!!!!! Will the US stimulus have an impact on the crypto market cap? So much to discuss. It's going to be fun!

So come along to The Crypto Lounge, don't be shy. RSVP today and join the chat. Bring a cuppa or if you prefer, then bring a beer! This will be our second meetup and everyone is welcome. We will be hosing on Zoom and we hope to be a truly global meetup so please do spread the word. Once you RSVP the zoom link will become available, you do not need a code.

You will need to RSVP with this link

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Sounds like a really cool time. I am guessing that I will probably miss it since I am at work. I hope that everyone has a really great time and talks about some really awesome stuff.

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