₿₿ How to show Bitcoin as a currency in Microsoft Excel ₿₿

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Microsoft introduced Bitcoin as a currency to Excel back in 2019. In this Excel quick tip video, you will learn how you can quickly show values in bitcoin currency on your Excel spreadsheets. You can place the ₿ before or after the value. And you will learn how you can change the decimal setting to 8 for bitcoin or 16 for Eth, although there is not yet an eth symbol in the currencies on Excel. But you can get the Ether pricing with the STOCKHISTORY function and the new Rich data types.

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Now this is my kind of excel hack! Will be spamming this one in mu groups

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Did you see the dashboard last week, it was on my other account @theexcelclub, I think you will like that one if you like this one!!!!!!

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Thanks you for sharing..

Which is the correct method? Writing the bitcoin symbol before the number or after the number?